TAGARNO Measurement software discontinued

With the MAGNUS HD microscopes having passed end-of-life 5 years ago, TAGARNO has decided to no longer sell the compatible Measurement software as of October 1 2020. Permanent licenses will continue to operate, but users may need to purchase an upgrade license that enables the software to run on Windows 10.

TAGARNO has decided that TAGARNO Measurement Software (TMS), a measurement application compatible with the discontinued line of HD microscopes, will no longer be available after December 1 2020.

For everyone with a permanent MILLI or MICRO license, collectively known as a TMS license, nothing will change. Users that plan on upgrading their computers to Windows 10, however, should check when their TMS activation code was generated.


Activation codes generated before October 10, 2014

If users with a TMS activation code generated before October 10 2014 want to upgrade their computer to Windows 10, an additional Upgrade license must be purchased. Without the Upgrade license, the MILLI/MICRO software will not be able to run on Windows 10.

To purchase the Upgrade licens, please contact your local distributor or fill out of contact form.

However, we encourage users to use this opportunity to make the switch to the new generation of powerful FHD microscopes. These do not require a computer and have thus no Windows 10 requirement. On top of this, we offer an advanced Measurement application for our FHD microscope with more features than the MILLI/MICRO software.


Activation codes generated after October 10, 2014

For users with a TMS activation code generated after October 10 2014, the MILLI/MICRO software will be able to run on Windows 10 without any actions needed.

However, as the HD microscopes were discontinued in 2015, we encourage you to explore our FHD microscopes and the many benefits you’ll gain from upgrading your setup.


Currently on a 30-day trial license for TAGARNO Measurement Software?

If you are currently using a 30-day trial license for the TAGARNO Measurement Software, we encourage you to check out the TAGARNO Measurement application and our line of FHD microscopes once it has run out. With the TAGARNO Measurement Software being discontinued as of October 1, it is no longer possible to purchase permant licenses.

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