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PNG reference app for digital microscope

“Reduce time between inspections by linking reference image to microscope settings”

With PNG reference, a software app for TAGARNO digital microscopes, you can superimpose custom made inspection graphics and reference images on the microscope live image. We suggest creating inspection graphics to verify sample sizes or reference images to sort batches and find defects in products.

Once selected, the graphic will be superimposed on top of the microscope live image to assist you during the quality control process.

With this TAGARNO digital microscope application, you can save your photo along with the microscope settings. When recalling the preset, the microscope will automatically change to the magnification and light settings defined in the preset. This is a much faster and more accurate process than having to do it manually.

A mouse is required to use this application.


How does PNG reference app work?

See PNG reference in action.

NB: Menu design and number of features may vary depending on your firmware version. 

Features of PNG reference app

Create any inspection graphic you want
With free image editor programs like GIMP and Pixlr E, you can create any PNG photo you want. It’s up to you what your photo should be.

Create as many as you want
There’s no limit to how many inspection graphics you can have in the PNG reference app.

Change settings in seconds
By saving an inspection graphic as a preset, the microscope will automatically open the graphic and recall the matching microscope settings once reselected. This happens in seconds and is much faster than you’d be able to do it manually.

Use settings over and over
With presets, you know you’re using the same settings again and again. There’ll be no deviation in magnification level or light settings. This creates consistency across all inspections.



Advantages of PNG reference app

Objective and reproducible analyses By letting the application perform the analysis for you, the subjective aspect of quality control is eliminated

Standalone microscope – No computer needed The application is installed directly on the microscope with no need for an external computer connected to the visual inspection microscope. All you need is a mouse, a control box and a monitor connected directly to your microscope and you are good to go!

User friendly interface Benefit from an easy to use and intuitive menu

Document your work Save your file in different formats, with or without graphics, on a USB or even directly on your computer via LAN. Sharing images and documentation materials with colleagues and supply chain partners has never been easier

Quarterly updates Benefit from quarterly updates that give you access to the newest features and ensure that your microscope it always up to date. It is also easy to purchase new applications that can help your inspection processes without having to change your microscope

Operator using a TAGARNO PRESTIGE to inspect medical devices

With PNG reference, we can ensure high quality across all inspections and perform more inspections every day

Learn how a prominent MedTech company uses this solution to improve their efficiency

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