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Ruler app

Measure objects
for easy and
accurate checks

The integrated Ruler app, a piece of measurement software for digital microscopes, makes sure that measuring any magnified object is quick and precise. This app is making it pain free to perform a brief quality check or compare sizes to get the product quality right.

Simply activate the Ruler graphics vertically and/or horizontally as an overlay directly on the screen. Then place the object and change the color of the ruler to create a contrast to the object color. No external computer needed, the microscope is the computer. Ready to inspect and quality assure, just like that.

Precision of ruler: 0.5 %.


How does it work?

Watch the video below to see the TAGARNO Ruler app in action.

NB: Menu design and number of features may vary depending on your firmware version. 


Effortless measurements
Painless and accurate measurements of any object

Choose direction and placement
The ruler can either be displayed horizontally or vertically (or both) at the center, top or bottom as well as the right- or left-hand side of the monitor.

NB: Moving the ruler away from the center of the monitor affects the accuracy of the measurement. For more info, we refer to the product manuals.

Change color
Simply change the color of the ruler to create a contrast to the object.


Calibrate app

Depending on your lens of choice, the app may need to be calibrated on site for maximum accuracy. You can download the appropriate calibration ruler for difference lenses via the buttons below.






App advantages

Precise object measurements
By using the Ruler software, a unique opportunity to do fast and correct measurements is presenting itself.

Preinstalled and free to use feature
This measurement software app is already installed and ready to use on the TAGARNO TREND and PRESTIGE digital microscope. The software is also an integrated part of the microscope, which means that there is no use for an external computer to start doing those quality checks.

Convenient ready for all to use software
This app does not need a whole lot of introduction. It is pretty much to plug the microscope in and start using the software.

Save to document the work
If the need is to save a still of the object with the Ruler applied on top, the solution is only one click away. Save the images to the microscope to access from computer on same network or just plug in that USB and start sharing the documentation with customers and colleagues.

Benefit from improved software as time goes
Regularly released firmware updates will make sure that the microscope and Ruler app will undergo ongoing walkthroughs. This ensures that the measurement software will always be correct and maybe even improved as we go along.

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