Magnified cylinder with a digital microscope


Metal inspection

Within metallurgy, a digital microscope can show even the smallest cracks, burrs and broken edges

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Metal inspection with a digital microscope

Within metallurgy, a digital microscope can show even the smallest cracks, burrs and broken edges

With its 1080p image quality and 60 frames per second, a digital microscope helps you spot even the smallest defects. When using the UV ring light for fluorescent penetrant inspection, cracks also become easy to spot.

Make sure to use Measurement app to measure the length of the defect before capturing an image.

As an alternative to a metallurgical microscope, a digital microscope can be customized and tailored to your needs. With the Focus stacking app, you can create ultra-sharp images by stacking photos at different focal heights on top of each other. No more pictures with areas being out of focus.

With everything displayed on a monitor, it’s no surprise that a digital microscope is also known as a computer microscope. This setup allows the operator to look straight ahead instead of downwards.

This is not only more comfortable than looking through an ocular. It also allows several operators to look at a sample together, improving communication and collaboration internally.

We can now see every defect thanks to the high image quality

The perfect package for

Metal inspection

TAGARNO PRESTIGE product photo
  • Lens +10 Up to 133x magnification on a 24'' monitor
  • Ring light white Get a perfectly clear view of the sample.
  • Polarizer set Minimize disturbing direct reflections
  • Ring light UV Perform critical inspection of shiny surfaces
  • Measurement software
    Measure distances, angles, diameters and more
  • Focus stacking app
    Create ultra-sharp images with no blurred or out of focus areas

We love our TAGARNOs. They are really easy and comfortable to use

A leading medical device manufacturer wanted more consistency and efficiency in their inspections. After seeing the results, they now have more than 20 TAGARNO microscopes.


Good for business, good for people

  • Optimize your processes Leaner workflow, save time, increase profit margins
  • Cost effective, all-in-one solution Everything is built-in, no extra equipment needed
  • A good investment A long lasting product with no maintenance required
  • User friendly, it’s plug & play Requires minimum training for new operators
  • Ergonomics, health benefits Working postures adjustable to operators needs
  • Multiviewer collaboration External display, several viewers simultaneously
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