Microscope software

Microscope measurement software

A key benefit of digital microscope software is being able to perform more accurate and efficient analyses compared to doing them manually. This is especially true with TAGARNO Measurement app, a digital microscope measurement software with 3µm accuracy that allows you to measure samples of all shapes and sizes directly on the microscope.

With this unique microscope measurement software, you can also add text boxes and arrows to highlight an area of the product sample before saving a photo of your completed inspection.

To use this microscope measurement software, you need a mouse and keyboard.


How does the microscope measurement software work?

See TAGARNO Measurement app in action.

NB: Menu design and number of features may vary depending on your firmware version. 

Features of microscope measurement software

Choose your measurement
Once calibrated, you can do accurate measurements with the microscope measurement software. Choose between point-to-point, polyline, diameter, angle, area and more.

Add a note
After doing your measurement, add an arrow or a note with the text box tool to explain why this measurement was made.

Increase visibility
Increase text size and line width and change color of your measurements and text boxes. All of this will make the measurements and notes stand out against the color of your product.

Save and forward
Once you’re done with your measurements, save a picture with the app menu or the microscope control box. The photo can easily be forwarded to colleagues or supply chain partners.



Advantages of using a microscope measurement software

Increase accuracy with appWith 3µm accuracy, the TAGARNO Measurement app can perform highly accurate measurements and is a great alternative to operators manually measuring samples with calipers.

Increase efficiency with heads-up displayUsed previously saved measurements as a heads-up display to verify new samples and increase efficiency by not doing manual measurements every time.

Document and track your errors By adding annotations to your images before saving them, you can document and categorize. This will also allow you to track which errors occur most frequently.

ABC calibration sheets for TAGARNO software Measurement app

Download calibration sheets for microscope measurement software

When ordering the TAGARNO Measurement app, you'll receive calibration sheets D-I. Download calibration sheets A, B and C here.

Download calibration sheets
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