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Microscope software

Find the right microscope software for you

TAGARNO offers a wide range of microscope software that can take your visual inspection processes to the next level.

Explore the possibilities of microscope software

Whatever task you have at hand, there’s a microscope software for it. Work easier, faster, and more accurately by tailoring your TAGARNO with microscope software that matches your needs perfectly.

Below, you can learn more about TAGARNO’s wide range of microscope software, including:

  • The bestselling Measurement app
  • The three microscope softwares that are included with the software compatible microscopes: Ruler, Watermark and Focus stacking app
  • Apps that allow you to create your own image library: PNG reference and Image comparison app

and many more

Which microscope software is right for me?

Choosing the right microscope software for your microscope can significantly impact your business.

With that in mind, it’s important that you know exactly what you’re looking to get out of your microscope software. Here’s 3 goals that you can aspire to – and matching microscope software that can help you achieve those goals


Goal 1: I want to measure my samples accurately but efficiently

With 3µm accuracy, the bestselling Measurement app is great for quick but accurate measurements. Offering multiple measurement and annotation tools, the app can be used on a large variety of samples. The app even allows you to save your complete measurements as a heads-up display for quick verification of future samples.



Goal 2: I want a quick way to identify catastrophic failure and quality defects

Depending on your preferred method, the Image comparison app or PNG reference app are excellent choices for this application.

With Image comparison, you can open photos of golden samples during your inspections to do side-by-side comparisons, allowing operators to quickly spot deviations and errors on current samples.

With PNG reference, you can create your own heads-up displays that can guide operators during inspections. Common ways to use this app is to create a GO or NO GO inspection graphic that’ll help operators quickly identify issues with a sample.



Goal 3: I want to create high quality images of our samples

If you’re working with non-flat samples, it can be difficult to create a photo with every area of the sample in focus. For this application, Focus stacking app is the ideal addition to your processes. The app stacks multiple photos with different focus heights on top of each other to create one ultra-sharp photo, taking your documentation to the next level.


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