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The benefits of using a digital microscope for visual inspection of medical devices

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Why use a digital microscope for inspection of medical devices?

Use the low and high power magnification capabilities of digital microscopes for visual inspection of medical devices and PCBs. You can even use apps increase your efficiency during your medical device testing.

The high image quality and their ability to do low as well as high power magnification on one single system make digital microscopes a great tool for inspection of medical devices. It's also incredibly easy for you to document any findings made during your medical device testing when using digital microscopes.

Smart features and apps like PNG reference, Image comparison and Measurement app can even increase your efficiency and ensure consistency across your inspections.

With the level of attention to detail required to inspect stent and other medical devices, another key benefit of using a digital microscope is its digital display that is more comfortable to use than other traditional microscopes or desk magnifiers.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about how to use a digital microscope for inspection of medical devices and which system we recommend for these processes.

Inspect stents and other medical devices

Digital microscopes are an excellent tool for inspecting medical devices, including stents, that require high as well a low power magnification. With a digital microscope, you can do both on the same system whereas other microscopes can only do one or the other.

For inspecting stents, you can also create your own heads-up display to assist you during your medical device testing. The heads-up display can be saved alongside your most used settings to ensure that you’re using the same settings again and again, creating consistency across your inspections. Recalling your most used settings as a preset is also more efficient than adjusting the microscope manually, thus reducing your sample preparation time.

Lastly, with a digital microscope it’s easy to save a photo of any issues identified during your medical device testing. These photos can be saved for future reference or forwarded to business partners to discuss how to proceed without having to meet up physically.

Operator using a TAGARNO PRESTIGE to inspect medical devices

With presets, we are consistent with settings across inspections and have increased our efficiency

A leading medical device manufacturer wanted more consistency and efficiency in their inspections. After seeing the results, they now have more than 20 TAGARNO microscopes.

Inspecting PCBs for medical devices

Digital microscopes are commonly used for inspecting PCBs and thus the Electronics industry. This is in large thanks to the excellent live image of the microscopes, but also the wide range of apps that assist operators as they’re inspecting their PCBs. This includes the Image comparison app, Focus stacking app, DXF overlay app and bestselling Measurement app.

If you’re also inspecting PCBs when doing inspection of medical devices, we encourage you to click the button below to learn more about how to use a digital microscope for these processes.

Inspecting medical devices with digital microscope software

Choosing the right microscope for inspection of medical devices

To check the quality of medical devices, you need a digital microscope that meet certain requirements. Depending on your specific process, you may have additional requirements, but here’s a list of criteria that your digital microscope should definitely meet:

  • Be able to do high and low power magnification on one single system to avoid having multiple systems for different jobs
  • Use a camera with 60 frames per second for a smooth experience as you’re manipulating samples underneath the microscope
  • Auto focus to keep the medical device in focus as you’re moving it around
  • Have sufficient working height to fit your hands underneath the microscope
  • Be able to capture photos easily
  • Be ergonomically comfortable to use

All TAGARNO digital microscopes meet these criteria. However, the bestselling microscope for inspection of medical devices is the PRESTIGE.


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