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Integrate digital microscope to setup with Open API

With increasing quality demands from customers, simply magnifying a sample to determine whether it falls inside or outside of quality limits is no longer sufficient in today’s competitive markets.

Instead, manufacturing professionals need to integrate with other systems or applications, in order to exchange data after performing and documenting highly advanced analyses.

To meet these demands, TAGARNO has developed an Open API that allows companies to easily integrate a digital microscope to their customized setup or applications for maximum flexibility.


What you’ll learn about TAGARNO’s Open API here:


What is an Open API?

API is an acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface.

In simple terms, an API provides an interface that allows two of more systems to interact without software developers needing to know the internal structure of each system. All they need to understand is the API in order to create fast and effective data exchange between systems.

With an open API specifically, the manufacturer of a thirdparty system has created a protocol that specifies in great details how to interact with their system. This enables the software developer to customize how the thirdparty system is integrated into their business, without needing to consult the manufacturer after purchasing and receiving the system. Everything is specified in the protocol.


Examples of functions specified in the TAGARNO API protocol:

  • Get/Set FOV
  • Get/Set Zoom
  • Get/Set Focus
  • Get/Set Iris, Contrast, Gain, Saturation and White balance calibration values
  • Get/Set Image preview and Image format
  • Get image
  • Recall/Select Preset
  • Get Serial number


Operator using a digital microscope with HDMI output to inspect a PCB

How does TAGARNO’s Open API work?

TAGARNO’s Open API is made possible thanks to the very nature of a digital microscope and its built-in computer.

With the built-in computer, advanced features that go above and beyond how non-digital magnification systems can add value during inspection processes, are readily available – regardless of whether you’re using an Open API or not.

However, when used in combination with the Open API, a feature not provided by all digital microscope manufacturers, the microscopes can be used in ways that we as a manufacturer are not able to provide as out of the box solutions. This allows you as a user to build a unique setup that matches your needs seamlessly to create unprecedented opportunities and elevate your quality control processes to new heights.

Let’s have a look at some examples of how to use the Open API.


Examples of how to use the TAGARNO Open API

  • Use AI on microscope image for more advanced analyses

While TAGARNO offers a selections of software to perform analyses on the microscope image, perhaps you’ve built your own AI based software. With the Open API, you can utilize what you’ve already built and determined as being integral to your business directly on the digital microscope and its high quality image.


  • Use microscope image in external control systems 

The Open API can also be used to display the microscope image on your existing machinery for a cost effective way of updating your processes without having to invest heavily or extensively train operators in new equipment.



TAGARNO PRESTIGE product photo
An API compatible microscope
    Integrate digital microscope to setup with Open API
  • Data Management System Optimize how you store photos and data
  • AI platform Use microscope image on AI platform
  • Robot system Collaborate with in-line robots
  • Remote control Remote control the microscope from anywhere
  • Optimize documentation with Data Management System integration

It’s become more and more important for businesses to document the quality of their products – and while that’s already an easy process on the microscopes, the shear volume of images that you need to take or simply because you have an existing Data Management System might make the Open API a great additional to your setup.

With the Open API, it’s easy to:

– Give images a prefix before starting a new batch for easy identification afterwards

– Define a destination for new images to systematically store captured photos, either locally on a computer or in an existing Data Management System



  • Remote control the microscope from anywhere

In multinational companies or simply due to a separation of production and quality control facilities, a microscope might need to be installed in one location while the operator is located elsewhere.

In this case, the Open API can be used to remote control the microscope from any location. All features, including camera settings, presets and image capturing, will be available regardless of how far from each other the microscope and operator are located.

The Open API will in this case provide flexibility and in some instances added safety compared to non-digital magnification systems without API capabilities if the separation is necessary due to hot boxes and/or toxic fumes.

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The benefits of TAGARNO’s Open API

There’s several benefits from using an Open API. This is not a complete list as the benefits will vary from company to company and to which extend you will be using the Open API.

However, here’s two primary benefits of TAGARNO’s Open API:


  • Create a customized setup

With TAGARNO’s Open API, you can use the microscope exactly as you want. You are not limited to the features and apps that we develop at TAGARNO and you won’t have to pay extra in order for us to develop a customized feature. Instead you can develop your own software and use the API protocol to utilize it on the microscope image and create a customized setup for your business.


  • Get started with few ressources 

The detailed and userfriendly protocol of TAGARNO’s Open API allows the digital microscope to interact with existing systems within a professional setup without software developers needing to know the intricacies of said system or the assistance of the original manufacturer. This enables businesses to create a customized and extremely professional setup in close to no time.



Microscope operators inspect sample together on a digital microscope

How to get started with TAGARNO’s Open API

For even more information on how the Open API works and how to get started, feel free to have a look at our free protocol. Simply follow this link.

Please note that TAGARNO’s Open API is only compatible with selected TAGARNO microscopes. Once you’ve chosen an API compatible microscope with the right technical specifications for your business, all we need is the serial number of said microscope to grant you access to the Open API. It’s as easy as that.

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