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Online system update

Let the microscope tell you when a new update is available.

Push updates directly to the microscope¬†You’re busy. We completely understand that. To make things easier for you, we’ve introduced Online system updates that allows the microscope to let you know when a new update is available. This means you don’t have to visit the Firmware Download page to download an update file, transfer it to the microscope and complete the installation process.

Instead, the microscope will do all the work for you.




How do I gain access to Online system updates? 

To be notified directly on the microscope about new updates, the microscope needs to be connected to a network – either an open or closed network.


Open network

  • Connect a network cable from the wall socket to the microscope
  • Then, connect a computer to the same network either by cable or WiFi


Closed network

  • Connect a computer and the microscope to a stand-alone router without intenret access to create a closed network

NB: For a more in-depth guide, we refer to the product manuals.




Don't worry, your microscope is completely safe

"Is it safe?". This is a question we get often when we encourage our customers to use Online system updates. So don't worry if that was your first thought as well.

For this reason, we have an entire document describing our focus on internet security and why we used HTTPS to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and authenthication of all exchanged data.

Learn more about the safety of your microscope

How to put your microscope online 

We hope you’re at this point is comfortable and see the benefit of letting the microscope notify you about new updates.

To make things easy for you, below is a link to our product manuals. After finding the manual for your specific microscope, follow the tutorial in the Access saved files section for a step-by-step guide on how to put your microscope online and enjoy the benefits of Online system updates.



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