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Online system update

Once Firmware 6.00 is installed, your microscope will let you know when it's time to update the microscope.

Easily update the system onlineAfter installing Firmware version 6.00, the microscope itself will notify you once a new firmware version is available and when you should perform an online system update.

All you need to do is update the microscope to Firmware 6.00 by receiving the download file from your TAGARNO distributor or representative.

Afterwards, the microscope will let you now as soon as a new firmware version is available.




Online system update

Install update

To learn how to online update your microscope with the latest firmware version, watch this video.

Is your microscope safe when connected to a network?

With firmware release 6.00, TAGARNO has started a journey towards becoming fully cloud enabled.

The primarily advantage is the ability to install updates directly from the network and hence avoiding the tedious USB stick update procedure.

These new and upcoming features requires that the microscope is connected to the corporate network and granted access to the internet through HTTPS. The use of HTTPS to access TAGARNO cloud services guarantees confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of exchanged data.





Be notified about new releases

If you wish to be aware of the new possibilities that the firmware updates provide,  subscribe to the TAGARNO firmware newsletter below.

You will thereby to be notified about new releases, what they contain and at the same time receive the system update file.

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    SupportPlease contact if you have questions or trouble installing the firmware update.

    You can also go to our Application support page.



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