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  • Søren Schultz
    Constantly developing the business, I strive to make TAGARNO the number one choice in the industry
  • Anders Ravnskjær Pedersen
    Head of R&D
    My focus is on understanding the end-users' needs and developing products to make their life easier
  • TAGARNO Head of Sales Western Europe Tina Snehøj Nielsen
    Tina Snehøj Nielsen
    Head of SalesWestern Europe, Asia & Africa
    Maintaining a strong distributor network that can assist customers locally is my main passion
  • TAGARNO Head of Sales Eastern Europe Rasmus Pagh Andersen
    Rasmus Pagh
    Head of SalesGAS, Eastern Europe & Business Development
    My focus is on understanding the customer’s needs so I can help them optimize their business with the right solution
  • Jake Kurth
    Country ManagerAmericas
    With more than a decade in the microscope business, I understand the customers' needs and can help them as they go digital with their visual inspection processes.
  • Sabina Svane
    Sabina Svane
    Marketing Manager
    Creating a good and inspiring user experience at every touchpoint is my main focus
  • Gitte Engkjaer
    Gitte Engkjær
    Project Manager | Business Development and Marketing
    Understanding our partners and their needs is my passion in my everyday work
  • Lone Bie
    Lone Bie
    Sales Coordinator
    I focus on providing anybody who contacts us with a thorough and helpful reply as soon as possible
  • Helle Anthonsen-Rahbek
    Supply Chain Manager
    Delivering high quality products in a timely manner to customers is what I am dedicated to.
  • Jesper Svanberg
    Jesper Svanberg
    Service & Support
    I am motivated by problemsolving and helping people.

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If you have questions or want a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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