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Trichinoscope app for pork meat inspections

To help the food industry perform mandatory inspection of trichinella parasite in pork meat, TAGARNO has developed a digital Trichinoscope with a dedicated Trichinoscope app.

Using the high image quality of the TAGARNO digital microscopes in the Trichinoscope, there’s no interference or delay between what is happening under the Trichinoscope and what is shown on the monitor. This makes it easy for the operator to examine a sample and create high quality documentation if needed.

The Trichinoscope is also a very user friendly and efficient solution that live scans the entire sample in a predefined and systematic way.

The digital Trichinoscope solution includes the trichinoscope, a motorized XY table and the Trichinoscope app that connects everything together.


How does the Trichinoscope app work?

See the TAGARNO Trichinoscope app in action.

NB: Menu design and number of features may vary depending on your firmware version. 

Features of Trichinoscope app

Dedicated Trichinoscope app

When using the Trichinoscope app that controls the motorized XY table, the Trichinoscope displays the sample on the connected monitor, creating a userfriendly and ergonomic setup to inspect pork meat samples.

Trichinoscope with motorized XY table

With an attached mouse or XPLUS control box, start the motorized XY table to begin scanning the entire sample. The XY table moves in predefined stages. This allows the operator to carefully inspect the sample and check for trichinella parasite in an efficient and systematic way.

Pause and continue Trichinoscope app as needed

The table can easily be paused to zoom in between the stages for a closer inspection of the sample. To do so, the user simply clicks on the specific area on the monitor with the mouse. Once ready, the inspection can easily be resumed from the point of pause with one of the control options.

Systematic walk through with Trichinoscope

After each stage, the XY table will pause to allow the operator to rest their eyes. Once ready, the operator can start the next live scan stage with the mouse or control box. The table will move in stages until the end, ensuring that the entire sample is inspected.

Document any findings on Trichinoscope

The documentation feature is another benefit of the Trichinoscope. Simply press the Image capture button on the XPLUS control box to document the inspection. The image can then be forwarded to colleagues or supply chain partners if needed.



Advantages of Trichinoscope and Trichinoscope app

Meet EU requirements with ISO compliant Trichinoscope
With the ISO compliant Trichinoscope from TAGARNO, abatoirs can perform the systematic tests for trichinella in all slaughtered pigs required by EU legislation.

Digital display of Trichinoscope is comfortable and less tiring to use
The digital display of the Trichinoscope relives operators of pain typically caused by using a traditional microscope. This makes the Trichinoscope more comfortable and less tiring to use, allowing operators to work more efficiently and be more focused during inspections.

Further, the pre-defined route through the sample has built-in pauses, ensuring that the operator is well rested and doesn’t miss any trichinella parasites in the sample

Trichinoscope is developed in collaboration with Danish Crown
The Trichinoscope is developed in close collaboration with Danish Crown, one of the world’s largest exporters and one of Europe’s largest producers of pork. The Trichinoscope was developed to replace outdated equipment and is developed with one purpose in mind only: to ensure that no trichinella parasites go escape the inspections.

Digital Trichinoscope that can be updated with new features
A key benefit of Trichinoscope is that it’s digital. It allows it to be updated with new features as they are released, effectively increasing the product lifespan of the product and maximizing the return on your investment.

Our trichinoscopes secure the workflows, ensure the quality of our analysis and greatly improve work satisfaction with our staff

Pia Below Andersen, Laboratory Manager, Danish Crown

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