Magnified plastic granules with a digital microscope



The high image quality of the digital microscope makes it easy to check the quality of your plastic components.

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The benefits of using a digital microscope for plastic inspection

With a digital microscope, you can use the low and high power magnification capabilities and selected apps to check the quality of your plastic components and identify runner wear.

The high image quality of a digital microscope, plus its ability to do low as well as high power magnification on one single system, makes it an excellent tool for inspecting the size, shape, color and surface of plastic parts.

Any findings can easily be documented, stored or forwarded to customers to discuss how to proceed.

With access to apps like Measurement app and Image comparison, injection molders can benefit from using digital microscopes to track runner system wear, change spare parts if needed to secure a high quality production.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about these processes and which digital microscope we recommend for quality control of plastic.

Shape, size and surface inspections

Reduce customer claims by using a digital microscope to spot uneven edges, shape inconsistencies or surface scratches on your plastic parts. These are easy to spot with the naked eye thanks to the high image quality of the microscope, but can also be done with the assistance of the Image comparison app. Use the app to compare a plastic part to a photo of a golden sample to quick spot deviations.

Similarly, use the Measurement app to accurately measure the size of your sample or critical areas of it. If you find any issues, make sure to document them and adjust your production accordingly. For this, we recommend the Focus stacking app that’ll create one ultra-sharp photo where everything is in focus.

With presets, we are consistent with settings across inspections and have increased our efficiency

A company wanted more consistency and efficiency in their inspections. After seeing the results, they now have more than 20 TAGARNO microscopes.

Runner system wear

When doing plastic quality control, a good injection molded plastic component starts with a high quality runner system. That’s why injection molders use digital microscopes and the Measurement app to track the diameter of the runner system components.

Measurements can be done either manually or by quickly comparing the size of the runner system to a heads-up display. If wear is detected during this process, spare parts needs to be changed to maintain a high quality production.

What we recommend

Quality control of plastic parts

TAGARNO TREND product photo
  • Lens +10 Up to 133x magnification on a 24'' monitor
  • Ring light white Get a perfectly clear view of the sample.
  • Measurement software
    Measure distances, angles, diameters and more
  • Image comparison app
    Compare sample to reference image
  • Focus stacking app
    Create ultra-sharp images with no blurred or out of focus areas
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