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Digital microscopes for efficient analysis and quality control in the food industry



Flour, feed, powder

Quality control in the foods and feed industry is automated in a matter of seconds

Introducing a digital microscope with automated software app means more objective and consistent analyses. No matter if talking animal feed, milk powder or flour, performing a high level of quality control will not only easily determine the quality level of the product itself. It will also assure customer, employee and management satisfaction.

Using the software will often replace more manual methods, normally highly depending on the human eye and skills. By implementing a more automated and easy to use digital microscope, the analysis results will get more coherent and more consistent. Users will find more joy in their work. Customers will be satisfied with the results. Management will find it a great investment.

Our quality analysis are more objective and effective, now that we use the app

global leader in sustainable aquaculture feeds BioMar has integrated TAGARNO digital microscopes and specialized software app at their production facilities in Denmark.

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