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Why use a digital microscope for food quality control?



Why use a digital microscope for food quality control?

With a digital microscope, you can see even the finest details as you’re performing food quality control. To help professionals within food quality control, TAGARNO has developed a range of specialized apps that’ll increase analysis accuracy and reduce claim rates.

Digital microscopes are an excellent tool when doing quality control of food. For certain specialized processes and products, TAGARNO has developed an app that’ll help you perform more efficient and accurate analyses. With a digital microscope displaying 60 frames per second, you’ll experience a smooth live image and any findings made manually or by the apps can easily be captured and saved for documentation purposes.

When working with a digital microscope like this, the image from the camera is shown on a screen, relieving you of unnecessary neck and shoulder pains, enabling you to work more efficiently.

Below, we’ll go into more detail with different food quality control processes and which digital microscope setup and app, if available, we recommend for each of them.

Using a digital trichinoscope for trichinella testing

As an abattoir, it’s required by EU that you test for trichinella in all slaughtered pigs. This is traditionally a very time-consuming process and is often performed on outdated systems. With a digital microscope and a specialized trichinoscope app, however, the motorized table that’s part of the solution will move systematically through the entire sample to ensure that no trichinella go unnoticed. This is a more efficient solution that’s also more comfortable for the operator to use. By using a digital and modern solution, you’ve also reduced the risk of downtime.

Count specks and impurities in flour with a digital microscope and app

Why should you manually count the number of specks and impurities in flour when an app can do it for you? With a digital microscope, you can use the Speck counter app to automatically count specks and impurities. This piece of software performs a more accurate analysis than you’d be able to manually – and even better, it’s much faster.

Our quality analysis are more objective and effective, now that we use the app

BioMar, a global leader in sustainable aquaculture feeds, has integrated TAGARNO digital microscopes and specialized software app at their production facilities in Denmark.

Using a digital microscope for quality control of milk powder

A digital microscope is an excellent tool if you need to spot and document unresolved and burned particles in milk powder. The high image quality will reveal even the smallest particles and with a press of a button, you can capture your findings and save them for future reference. By using a monitor to analyze the sample, it’s also easy to ask a colleague for a second opinion without having to take turns looking through the eyepiece of a traditional microscope.

With a digital microscope, you can also save and recall your most used settings as a preset. This eliminates the manual adjustment of the microscope, enabling you work more efficiently and in turn produce higher quality products and improve customer satisfaction.

Don’t measure fish pellets manually, let an app do it

When producing fish feed, it’s crucial that the size of the feed is in accordance with the fish that’s supposed to eat it. This can be checked by measuring the fish pellets manually, but that’s a time consuming task – and what about those small pellets that can’t be measured with a caliper?

With a digital microscope, you can activate the Particle analyzer app that automatically counts and measures fish feed pellets. This is a more efficient way of performing quality control and the app provides a level of data that you won’t get by manually measuring the pellets.

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