Man using a digital microscope to inspect PCBs


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Our TAGARNO microscopes are vital tools for visual inspection of PCBs

upgrading to a

Contemporary solution

Major full-service EMS provider BB Electronics has integrated TAGARNO digital microscopes at their production facilities in both Denmark and China.

After using stereo microscopes and magnifying lamps in the past, Process Engineer Steen Moeskjær Jensen and Engineer Bo Aktor Nielsen agreed that a digital microscope was a better and more contemporary solution, as they wanted to be able to save and share high quality documentation with customers when performing visual inspection of production line circuit board samples.

The microscopes are also used for R&D prototype development, as well as PCB repairs and rework.

After testing a wide range of digital microscopes, they chose TAGARNO, partly due to it being an overall high quality solution, and partly due to great user friendliness, which enables various operators to easily use the microscopes.

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Man using a digital microscope to inspect PCBs
Man using a digital microscope to inspect PCBs

TAGARNO microscopes are user friendly and of high quality

Benefits and features

Bo and Steen also highlighted the ability to save images directly to the microscope and then quickly access the material on a computer via a LAN connection. Likewise, they found the focus stacking feature highly useful for high depth of field documentation. Being able to have the large monitor displaying the image also enables good collaboration within the team.

In Bo´s opinion, it is greatly appreciated that it is possible to update the microscopes with the latest features and improvements through the regular, free firmware updates from TAGARNO.

“Being able to turn the microscope head, combined with a tilting table for optimal inspection of an object from the side, is also very useful in certain situations. Using manual exposure and ring light to customize light settings to match with the object and environment in question is a great asset which enables us to see the right details of the circuit board”, Bo explains.

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Our Digital microscopes

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TAGARNO digital microscopes give you unique and easy to use magnification equipment to use in a variety of quality control processes in an endless range of segments.

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About BB Electronics

BB Electronics is an important full-service EMS provider, with annual sales of approx. 70 million EUR and a strong financial position. BB Electronics has SMT lines, including printers, SPI, pick & place, AOI and reflow, and TAGARNO serves as a quality control tool in a number of stages along the production process, allowing for easy collaboration, manual inspection and high-quality customer documentation, simply and quickly.

BB Electronics’ manufacturing principles are based on a strong LEAN mindset, with a focus on agile high mix/low volume products. They also provide a comprehensive range of specialist EMS services, from prototype and NPI to after sales services and support through product life cycle, ensuring strong long-term relationships with customers. The company currently employs about 550 people at their production facilities in Denmark and China.

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