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Download the latest firmware version for PRESTIGE, TREND and MOVE microscopes.




Download and install the latest firmware version – please note that MOVE and TREND/PRESTIGE firmwares are separate files:



Got a very old firmware and want to update?

Note: Firmware 7.00 is not compatible with microscopes still on Firmware 1.0. Please contact support@tagarno.com if you want to update microscopes on Firmware 1.0.


Be notified about new releasesSubscribe to the TAGARNO firware newsletter to never miss a release and get insights into the content of the new firmware version.

How to update a microscopeWatch this short video to learn how to update your microscope with the latest firmware version.


Tip: Copy the firmware update file to the internal memory of the microscope for easy firmware update.


Note: Please note that in some cases you will need a unique license key file, which activates the
application on your microscope.

If you are a TAGARNO Distributor, you can Request a Demo license.


Firmware version log

See a log of previous versions describing the changes and improvements of each version:



ManualsTo use all microscope and app features, find the latest manual version in four language versions:



SupportPlease contact support@tagarno.com if you have questions or trouble downloading or installing the firmware update.

You can also go to our Application support page.




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