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Choosing a digital forensics microscope

Identify, analyze and document microscopic evidence with multipurpose forensic microscopes.

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The benefits of forensic microscopy

With a digital forensic microscope, criminalists can utilize the low and high power magnification capabilities and large field of view to find, analyze and document microscopic forensic evidence.

With a high degree of routine microscopic examination and high requirement for documentation, forensic microscopes are an excellent tool for forensics crime labs to exploit the Locard's Exchange Principle - regardless of which discipline the labs are specialized in.

When used in combination with Near-infrared and White ringlights, a forensic microscope can even replace multiple traditional systems that are normally suited for one process only.

Any identified evidence can easily be documented with generic USB 3.0 drivers. This allows the data to be sent from the microscopes to Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) as part of tracking every piece of evidence pertaining to a case in a more efficient way than offered by traditional microscopes.

The digital forensic microscope for multiple discipline crime labs

When using a digital microscope for forensic microscopy, you’ll be able to quickly capture high quality images of evidence. For easy integration with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), evidence can be captured via generic USB 3.0 drivers and then sent to your LIMS of choice. With traditional microscopes using camera-specific drivers, our unique digital forensic microscopes enable criminalists to track every piece of evidence pertaining to a case in a much more efficient way.

This image capture feature is especially useful for:

  • Firearms and Toolmark sections
  • Evidence triage
  • Blood pattern identification and DNA screening sections
  • Drug chemistry sections
  • Inspecting forgeries and documents of questionable origin
  • Trace evidence
  • Serial number restoration
  • Digital forensics


NB: Images of evidence can also be captured without the use of a separate computer

Magnified photo of cardriges, taken with a TAGARNO digital microscope

Unique ring lights available for forensic microscopes

The microscopes from TAGARNO display 60 frames per second, ensuring a fluid image display and high quality photos that shows every little detail.

When used in combination with a white LED ring light, the microscopes can be used for even more forensic microscopy processes, including serial number restoration. This is due to the LED ring light being grouped into segments that enables criminalists to quickly test multiple different angles of illumination and identify evidence that might not have been immediately visible.

The forensic microscopes also have a near-infrared (NIR) setting and when used in combination with a NIR ring light, the systems are hugely beneficial in both documenting gunshot residue (GSR) patterns on dark or heavily patterned fabric, as well as aiding an examiner in finding and picking individual GSR particles for further analysis with a scanning electron microscope.



Replace multiple systems with multipurpose forensic microscopes

With the high magnification range of the forensic microscopes, 60 frames per second image quality, easy documentation processes and compatibility with various ring lights, the digital systems can be used for a wide variety of forensic microscopy applications and ultimately replace multiple traditional systems typically used for various tasks.

Traditionally, a firearms sections will have a copy stand for documenting guns, a stereo microscope for a quick inspection of class characteristics of fired evidence, and a comparison microscope for critical comparison work. TAGARNO’s microscopes will very nicely fit the role for the copy stand and stereo microscope as a single system with a small footprint.

For maximum flexibility and speed, lenses can be mounted and removed from the forensic microscope via magnetic quick-change kits. This allows the microscope to be used for a wide variety of applications without slowing the process down.


Unique applications with portable forensic microscope without eyepiece

The physical design of the forensic microscopes is also unique and provides new applications within forensic microscopy. An example is the TAGARNO ZIP, an exceptionally flexible microscope that folds flat, making it portable in ways not possible with other systems.

By not having an eyepiece, the TAGARNO microscopes can also be placed where the operator can’t go, such as fume hoods due to toxic chemicals. Instead, the microscope can be placed within the fume hood while the operator is standing at a safe distance, looking at the monitor that’s connected to the microscope via a USB or HDMI cable.

Using digital microscopes for forensics microscopy: In summary

Digital microscopes have many forensic microscopy applications. In fact, with the high image quality, easy documentation processes and compatibility with various ringlights, the digital systems can replace multiple traditional systems and introduce more efficient procedures - while offering easy integration with Laboraty Information Management Systems.

By not having an eyepiece, the digital forensic microscopes can also be placed in locations where a criminalists can't go, and the collapsible design of the ZIP, makes it portable, offering unique applications within forensic microscopy.

In some cases, utilizing the software developed by TAGARNO can add even more data to evidence, optimize processes even further and create even more unique applications.

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