Key benefits of choosing a digital microscope with HDMI and USB output

Having a digital microscope with HDMI output as well as USB 3.0 ports creates maximum flexibility and customization

As indicated by its name, a key benefit of a digital microscope is its digital display. That is, instead of looking through an eyepiece or ocular to inspect the sample, the sample is displayed on a separate monitor (via HDMI output) or computer (via USB 3.0 ports).


Benefits of a digital display 

The digital display not only relieves operators of neck and back pain, reducing operator fatigue. It also allows operators to easily capture and store images of the performed visual inspection as well as makes it easier for operators to inspect a sample together. A digital microscope with HDMI or USB 3.0 output thus creates new ways of working and promotes collaboration between colleagues.





Choose betwen HDMI output and USB 3.0

The digital microscopes from TAGARNO have two digital display options: HDMI output as well as one or more USB 3.0 ports. This is to offer as much flexibility as possible for the operator. The output of choice will open different opportunities which is important to keep in mind when setting up a digital microscope.


HDMI output creates a stand-alone digital microscope

With the HDMI output, the digital microscopes can be connected to a monitor via a HDMI cable. This is a common way to install the microscopes due to monitor compatibility.

The HDMI output also eliminates the need for a computer to power on or control the digital microscope, creating a stand-alone product. This makes the HDMI digital microscopes highly useful for small workstations with limited space but large-scale needs.


USB 3.0 output creates new opportunities for digital microscopes

Although not required to operate the microscopes, the live image of the digital microscopes can also be displayed on a computer via one of the USB 3.0 ports.  This will enable you to to capture non-compressed videos or images of your inspections or share the microscope live image in an online meeting.

Displaying the live image on a computer via the USB 3.0 ports is also beneficial if you’re utilizing an API that is controlled on a computer. With an API, customers can integrate the microscope live image into their own setup and control the microscope remotely from the computer rather than using the included control box. Among other features that can be controlled with an API is zoom levels, presets and image capturing.

Despite their USB 3.0 output, the digital microscopes from TAGARNO are not to be confused with more simple handheld USB digital microscopes. Although available at a lower price point, these often come with inferior image quality which is far from ideal considering that many choose to go digital in order to produce high quality documentation material.



Employees looking at a monitor together to discuss what they are able to see with their digital microscope with HDMI output



In summary about digital microscopes with HDMI and USB output

The digital microscopes from TAGARNO not only come with HDMI output, but also USB 3.0 ports. Each output option has its benefits and which one you chose will depend on your needs and where the microscope will be installed.

You can at any point change output to utilize the benefits created for each output option. This creates maximum flexibility and allows the microscope to develop with you as your needs or setup changes.

Get started with a digital microscope

Not sure which microscope you need? TAGARNO's digital microscopes can magnify from 4x-660x on a 24'' monitor.

What microscope you need will depend on your industry, if you want to use specialized apps to optimize your processes and if you need to document your work. Follow the link below to learn more.

Find the right microscope for you

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