Our mission is to make the invisible visible and to see smarter. Our passion is to create intelligent connections between technology and humans.


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TAGARNO is a leading global player within our niche, delivering intelligent, intuitive, and agile tools for demanding specialists in fields such as material science, agriculture, food, and electronics.

For more than 60 years, we have strived to create cutting-edge solutions that allow you to see smarter. Our mission is to maximize your efficiency, enhance your communication, increase your collaboration, and improve your work environment with a TAGARNO digital microscope.

Powered by our passion and know-how, and utilizing Danish design and advanced technology, we are always working to enable you to see smarter. By constantly preparing new and better apps and accessories, as well as firmware and software updates, we are proud to make your TAGARNO microscope more intelligent and more useful.

Our solutions fit perfectly into the clients' workflow, are always easy to use and increase efficiency. That’s why our partners respect and prioritize us.

Making the


By creating intelligent connections between technology and you, we optimize workflows and allow great minds to focus on the big picture.

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Quality. Openness. Curiosity. Responsibility.

We have a long tradition of building intelligent products that enable people to see smarter, and we strive to create even better connections between technology and humans. Scandinavians at heart, we are defined by quality, openness, curiosity, and responsibility.


Back in 1953, a producer of cinema projectors started thinking out of the box and developed an innovative projector for analysis of X-ray film on a user-friendly built-in screen. This uniquely Scandinavian combination of technological ingenuity and human design evolved into a new company called TAGARNO A/S (after Tage Arnø, the original inventor).

Focusing throughout our history on seeing smarter, TAGARNO in the early years produced advanced reading aids, including the world’s first HD reading aid. When we eventually launched a line of high-definition digital camera microscopes, it was a big step into a new and exciting line of business, yet also perfectly in line with our history and DNA.

With TAGARNO Horsens in Denmark still being our headquarters, the company today covers more than 50 geographical markets around the world, including TAGARNO USA.

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