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The most flexible digital microscope you can imagine


Choose your own setup

Install TAGARNO ZAP any way you want: On a flex arm, a focus tracker or in a third-party ø76 mm yoke.

With TAGARNO ZAP, you choose the setup that matches your needs - and if they change, so can your setup. You can even activate more features by purchasing an Upgrade kit to make the most out of your investment.


Watch TAGARNO ZAP in action

Want to know more about TAGARNO ZAP? In this short video, you can see the microscope in action


Flexible inside out

The TAGARNO ZAP produces crystal-clear magnified images that are perfect as indisputable documentation material. Images can rapidly be shared with colleagues and partners. High-quality materials and surface treatments ensure a long product life with no maintenance required.

  • Hardware details
  • All-in-one solution
Features Hardware details

The TAGARNO ZAP can be mounted on a flexarm for maximum flexibility.

Choose between two flexarms for a customized installation.

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Features All-in-one solution

On top of the TAGARNO ZAP, you'll find control buttons. This creates a clean work station with no additional control. Simply attach a monitor and you're good to go.

For even more flexibility, you can add a XKEY control box to your setup if the control buttons are out of reach at your work station.

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Make the perfect ZAP in 5 simple steps

Customizing the ZAP with the right accessories for your needs has never been easier.

In 5 simple steps, you can create the perfect ZAP for your business.

Configure your own ZIP
ZAP microscope with digital microscope configurator
Configure your own ZIP

Take a
closer look

Regardless of how you install TAGARNP ZAP, the camera inside the microscope is the same. Get to know it in more detail here.

Magnification levels

On a 24'' monitor:
FLEX: 1.3x-133x
INLINE: 0.8x-26x
STAND: 0.8x-26x

Frame rates

60 frames per second for fluent movements on the screen. You can also select 50 frames per second, 30 or 25.

Image quality

FULL HD / 1080p image quality

Field of view

FLEX: 4mm - 409mm (0.16'' - 16.10'')
INLINE: 21mm - 600mm (0.83'' - 23.62'')
STAND: 4mm - 409mm (0.16'' - 16.10'')

Lens to object distance

FLEX: 78mm - 333mm (3.07'' - 13.22'')
INLINE: 500mm (19.67'')
STAND: 78mm - 333mm (3.07'' - 13.22'')

View all tech specs
30 ×
Optical zoom
60 FPS
High frame rate
1080 P
Image quality
133 ×
Operator pointing at a monitor showing a magnified PCB

Our employees voted for the TAGARNO among different options because of how user friendly it is.

MSL Circuits, one of Europe’s leading subcontractors for the automotive industry, needed digital microscopes to obtain higher magnification with lots of flexibility. See how the 20 ZAP digital microscopes installed at their facilities in France are being used.

available options

Choose a solution
that suits your needs

  • Accessories
  • XKEY control box
  • Flex arm advanced
  • Lens +4
  • Flex arm inline
  • Lens +2
  • Focus tracker
  • Extension block and cylinder
  • Camera adapter ring

Upgrade as needed

With the flexibility of the TAGARNO ZAP, you can purchase upgrade kits to make more of your existing setup.

If you have stereo microscope already, you can purchase a ZAP ø76 Adapter kit to replace the optics of your stereo microscope with a ZAP camera head. This allows you to go digital without rebuilding your entire workstation. Just make sure that your microscope has a ø76 mm yoke.

If you have a ZAP already but want to change your setup, you can purchase a STAND Upgrade kit for more stability or activate more features with a MOVE Upgrade kit.

Explore upgrade options

Removing microscope head from thirdparty stereo microscopes
Preview of

Download brochure

Is ZAP the right microscope for you?

Are you considering ZAP as your next digital microscope?

In this brochure, we'll explain the benefits of a digital microscope, what makes the ZAP unique and how it can benefit your business - all with the aim of helping you determine if ZAP is the right fit for your needs or not.

Download brochure
Benefits of a digital microscope

Good for business, good for people

  • Optimize your processes Leaner workflow, save time, increase profit margins
  • Cost effective, all-in-one solution Everything is built-in, no extra equipment needed
  • A good investment A long lasting product with no maintenance required
  • User friendly, it’s plug & play Requires minimum training for new operators
  • Ergonomics, health benefits Working postures adjustable to operators needs
  • Multiviewer collaboration External display, several viewers simultaneously
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