Microscope software

Watermark app for digital microscope

For easy copyright and branding of any image captured on the microscope, use the Watermark app form TAGARNO.

When activated, the Watermark app will put a transparent and predefined image overlay, displaying anything from a logo to a ‘confidential´ overlay, on top of your saved photos.

You can also use the Watermark app to activate an info box specifying the date and time of the captured photos and field of view plus model name and serial number of the microscope the photo was saved on.


How does the Watermark app work?

See the TAGARNO Watermark app in action.

NB: Menu design and number of features may vary depending on your firmware version. 

Features of Watermark app

Apply a custom watermark
Import a custom watermark to start applying to the image documentation directly from the digital microscope.

Add an info field to the documentation
Easily add an image prefix stating the current time and date as well as horizontal field of view, microscope model and serial number.

Enable or disable the watermark
From the app, the option to simply activate or deactivate the watermark is straight-forward.



Advantages of Watermark app

The computer is in the microscope The software app is already an undeniable part of the microscope, making this a stand-alone solution.

Incredible ease to useNo use for long and complicated installation procedures and training sessions. This app is activated and ready to use as soon as it leaves the factory.

Quality in the documentation workNo matter what format you save your photos in, the Watermark will be added to your photos.


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