Magnified milk powder with digital camera microscope used in quality control


Quality control
of milk powder

Using a digital camera microscope


High product quality

Effective process control

Attain the quality of final milk powder products.

As an important tool for quality control and claim handling, camera microscope will help ensure high quality in production as well as lower claim rates. Talking visual inspection of magnified powder samples, a digital microscope will play a central role. It will enable the operator to locate and document unresolved and burned particles. This secures the final quality of the product as well as customer satisfaction.

Being able to inspect sediment washers for identification of unwanted particles and foreign objects is a quick way to quickly adjusting production processes. Especially the ability to enter a dialogue on the findings as well as documenting the results is important to attain the quality of the final milk powder products.

We are now able to do effective process control, carry out any adjustments and attain the quality of our products

The perfect package for

Quality control of milk powder

TAGARNO PRESTIGE product photo
  • Lens +10 Up to 133x magnification on a 24'' monitor
  • Ring light white Get a perfectly clear view of the sample.
  • Foot switch Control magnification levels with your feet
  • Watermark app
    Save images with customized watermark and/or info stamp
  • Ruler app
    Perform precise measurements with on-screen ruler

Good for business, good for people

  • Optimize your processes Leaner workflow, save time, increase profit margins
  • Cost effective, all-in-one solution Everything is built-in, no extra equipment needed
  • A good investment A long lasting product with no maintenance required
  • User friendly, it’s plug & play Requires minimum training for new operators
  • Ergonomics, health benefits Working postures adjustable to operators needs
  • Multiviewer collaboration External display, several viewers simultaneously
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