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Automated trichinoscopy secures high quality trichinella testing

Upgrading to

Automated trichinoscopes

The biggest abattoir in Denmark, Danish Crown, turned to TAGARNO with the need of a contemporary replacement of their current and worn out trichinoscopes for fulfilling the EU legislation for systematic tests for trichinella parasites.

Their new ISO compliant digital trichinoscopes from TAGARNO enable them to meet the demands, prevent downtime in production and at the same time ensure the quality of the analysis. As a bonus, they are experiencing a big improvement in employee work satisfaction.

Downtime in production became a risk, due to worn out systems, according to Laboratory Manager at Danish Crown, Pia Below Andersen.
Providing spare parts to the current systems was not possible, and the need for a more contemporary solution arose. Pia invested in contemporary digital trichinoscopes from TAGARNO with an intelligent and very intuitive software app embedded.

The investment is in her opinion a very successful upgrade in equipment, ensuring optimal conditions in the Laboratory.

Before, the quality of the analysis could be incoherent and varying, because the quality level and consistency of the work depended too much on the human factor and an outdated system. The TAGARNO trichinoscopes ensure that: The image quality is superb, making sure no trichinella parasites can be overseen.

The automatic route in the app goes through the entire sample and the system is user-friendly and intuitive, making the quality of the analysis consistent regardless of who performs the inspection.

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After viewing only 8 samples on the new trichinoscope, I realized that I didn´t experience any shoulder pains as I normally would

Benefits and features

The staff´s work satisfaction was previously affected by joints and muscle pain due to straining working positions.

The new system promotes ergonomic correct positions by: Controlling the trichinoscope by foot pedals, control box or mouse, supporting varying work positions and preventing repeated movements. Avoiding eye strain by viewing the sample image in high-resolution magnification on a high-definition monitor is also improving the health and well being of the staff.


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Automate and secure

An automated trichinoscope not only secures the workflow and avoids downtime in production, it also improves the health and well being of the staff.

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