HD Measurement
Software (TMS)

Below you can find information about the now discontinued TAGARNO Measurement Software, which was compatible with TAGARNO HD PRESTIGE, TREND and UNO.

TAGARNO Measurement Software (TMS) discontinued

TAGARNO has discontinued the MILLI and MICRO software, collectively known as the TAGARNO Measurement Software (TMS), as of October 2020. For users with a permanent license, nothing will change - unless the connected computer is upgraded to Windows 10. Then, an additional Upgrade license might be required.

NB: The Upgrade license is only available until December 2020. Afterwards, users are encouraged to change to the new generation of FHD microscopes for which the advanced Measurement application is already available.

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Measurement software | MILLI

The uniquely developed and user-friendly measurement software for digital microscopes provides you with a great opportunity to quickly capture images, apply drawings and text and share captured images via a single click. 1 year update fee included.

MILLI version of the measurement software has basic measurement options, camera and image control functions and easy drawing tools.


Measurement software | MICRO

Just like TMS MILLI, TMS MICRO enables you to easily capture images, apply drawings and text and share images. With TMS MICRO, you can also perform DOT-Grid calibration as well as polyline, angle, circle and area measurements. click.

The MICRO version of the measurement software provides precise and user-friendly tools for 2D measurement. This version adds valuable tools for non-contact testing and measurement purposes as well as for documentation. 1 year update fee included.

Includes: Camera control / Measurement and image functionalities / Drawing tools
Platforms: Win7(January 2020) / Win 8 / Win10 (32+64bit)


Download TAGARNO Measurement Software

Download the version of the TAGARNO MEASUREMENT SOFTWARE (TMS) that matches your operating system and is supported by your license activation date. This TMS installation contains MILLI and MICRO functionality which will be activated depending of your license key.

TMS version Release date Supported OS Download
1.6.0 2015-10-22 Windows 10 Download
1.5.6 2014-10-21 Windows 8 Download
1.5.4 2013-11-11 Windows 7 Download
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