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20 ZAPS get multiple jobs done.

At MSL Circuits, located one hour south of Paris, you find 20 TAGARNO FHD ZAPs throughout the factory for different manual inspections. As part of the ALL Circuits Group, MSL Circuits is one of Europe’s leading subcontractors for the automotive industry and also the only subcontractor in France providing high volume PCB manufacture. The need for higher magnifications and a more comfortable setup for operators is what led them to TAGARNO in the first place.



Higher magnification was needed
“Previously, we used to work with magnifying lamps. That was giving us some challenges as the components kept getting smaller and thereby requiring higher magnification,” says Boutillier.

He also highlights how easy the microscopes are to use: “The 3 presets are very easy and useful for us as we initially inspect at 3X, can go to 5X by a single click for solder inspection and 10X at another click if there is any doubt.”

Product photo of TAGARNO ZAP

Digital microscopes for a variety of tasks
At MSL Circuits, 20 TAGARNO FHD ZAPs are used for different manual inspections.

One application is where the TAGARNO FHD ZAPs form an integrated part of the production line, and rejects from the AOI are lifted up for a closer manual inspection.

Another use is separate workstations where boards are polarity checked.

Finally, there are also manual checks of the alignment of components. The ability to angle the camera head is used for QFP inspection.

Prevents Musculosketal disorders
Besides providing insufficient magnification levels, the previous equipment used at the facility caused bad working positions as staff had to bend over the coveyer to inspect the boards.

Today, all workstations with TAGARNO FHD ZAPs are designed to comply with ergonomic rules and principles for optimal comfort between workers and machines and to actively help prevent MSDs (Musculoskeletal disorders).



About ALL Circuits Group

  • ALL CIRCUITS designs and industrializes high-quality electronics on highly automated lines
  • They offer a competitive and tailor-made service from the design phase through to the analysis of customer field returns in various sectors: Automotive, Industrial, Energy, Medical, Transportation, Communication and IoT.
  • ALL Circuits is 1st EMS in France, 9th European and part of the Global Top 50 EMS.
  • The company employs 1500 people and has 25 SMT lines.
  • In 2017, it had an annual turnover of 317 M€ and manufactured an average of 300,000 printed circuits boards daily.
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