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Firmware update
- version 5.00

The firmware contains a new app (PNG Reference), new TAGARNO Ring light and other updates to TAGARNO FHD systems.

See things in just the right light

With the new TAGARNO Ring light (White, UV and IR), it’s easy to inspect even
the finest details.

Provides an even and accurate light
Due to the thoughtful placement of the LEDs, ensuring a perfectly clear view of the sample with nothing left in the dark

Save light settings as a preset and recall them as needed
Due to the microscope integration, to create consistency across all inspections

With the user-friendly design
Extra filters and lenses can be attached to the Ring light (white) by hand – no tools needed, making it easy to quickly change setup when needed

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Other updates in firmware 5.0
The new firmware also includes other changes and improvements:

  • Updated version of DXF overlay app that can separate and color each layer
  • New Distance to line tool and help lines in TMA
  • New Advanced camera settings that allows you to adjust contrast, saturation, sharpness and noise reduction alongside iris, gain and exposure time
  • 10 presets available in Preset manager instead of 6
  • Scale bar to show true size of object on screen
  • Watermark, Focus stacking and Ruler as standard features

To read more about these new features click here

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