Improving Operator Ergonomics

How to prevent musculosketal disorders (MSD) with a digital microscope

Did you know…

  • That 80 % of microscope operators experience job-related muscolosketal pain?
  • That 20 % of microscope operators have missed work because of muscolosketal pain?
  • Musculosketal Disorders (MSDs) are responsible for almost 30 % of all worker’s compensation costs in the US?


Or that MSDs are preventable?

According to the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the three largest factors in MSDs are

  • Awkward postures
  • Repetition
  • Forces



The issue is the setup

While microscope operators are not exposed to large forces, using a stereo microscope (or a simple magnifying lamp) often requires uncomfortable positions with repetitions movements. With a bended neck, shoulders rolled forward and back unsupported for long periods of time, headaches as well as back and shoulder pain are common at the end of the day for visual inspectors.


Small changes, huge impact

But implementing simple ergonomic improvements can have huge impacts. Also on the overall productivity. According to a case study, a business was able to reduce reported eyestrain by 36 percent, headaches by 45 percent and extremity fatigue by 28 percent – simply by swapping illuminated magnifiers out with a more ergonomic solution, such as a digital microscope.


More and more focus on ergonomics

ALL CIRCUITS in France and NORDIC SEED in Denmark have recently upgraded from magnifying lamps to digital microscopes. But they are seeing more benefits than they expected. At ALL CIRCUIT, the 20 ZAPS help create a more efficient work force. At NORDIC SEED, the TRENDS create a less straining work posture that helped an employee return to work faster than expected after a traffic accident.



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