TAGARNO stops production of Magnus microscopes

In favor of FHD microscopes, we have decided to discontinue our line of Magnus microscopes.

We are sad to announce that Magnus HD ZIP, Magnus HD ZAP, Magnus HD UNO, Magnus HD TREND and Magnus HD PRESTIGE, collectively known as the TAGARNO Magnus microscopes, have been discontinued. As we continue to develop new products to better represent our customers’ needs and our vision, we have launched a line of FHD microscope that replaces the Magnus microscopes.

TAGARNO ZIP replaces Magnus HD ZIP

Instead of the Magnus HD ZIP, we’ve launched the TAGARNO ZIP with a FHD camera. The FHD camera produces a better live image and ensures a smooth experience with the microscope as you’re manipulating a sample underneath the camera.

If you’re curious about this microscope, follow the link below to learn more.

TAGARNO ZAP replaces Magnus HD ZAP

TAGARNO ZAP has replaced the discontinued Magnus HD ZAP. With TAGARNO ZAP, you can install it any way you want for maximum flexibility and you can activate more features if and when you need them.

TAGARNO UNO has been continued

TAGARNO UNO, the latest version of Magnus HD UNO, has been discontinued as of March 2020. As an alternative to this microscope, we recommend either the TAGARNO TREND or TAGARNO PRESTIGE.

More features than ever on TAGARNO TREND

Besides a brand new camera that produces better images, the TAGARNO TREND has access to many new features that weren’t available on its precessor, Magnus HD TREND. This includes the highly accurate Measurement app that enables you to do on-screen measurements and Image comparison app with which you can use golden sample images as reference during your inspections.

No computer needed to use features on TAGARNO PRESTIGE

TAGARNO PRESTIGE doesn’t only have a better camera than its precessor Magnus HD PRESTIGE. With TAGARNO PRESTIGE, you can also captures photos of your work directly on the microscope. No need to connect a separate computer. Apps like the Measurement app, Image comparison app and many more also run directly on the microscope to create an all-in-one solution.

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