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Materials Science

Spend less time on routines and workflows, and more on ensuring that your product is up to par

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Material benefits

Customize your microscope to optimize workflows. Maximize efficiency with tailored apps, accessories, and presets.

Metal, plastic, and medical devices usually come with stringent demands and high customer expectations. The devil is in the detail when performing tasks such as metal surface inspection or plastic quality control.

A TAGARNO digital microscope with accessories is excellent as a materials science microscope, specially constructed and uniquely suited for quality control and verification.

Even better, they allow you to use specialized apps, accessories, and smart presets to make routines faster, optimize workflows, and enhance quality of work.

Such a materials microscope delivers not only happy customers but also healthier operators, because TAGARNO is designed for ergonomically optimal working postures.

We have ensured high quality across all inspections and perform more of them than ever before
A leading MedTech company
Inspecting circuit board

We can make twice as many analysis as before and work healthier

Full-service EMS provider BB Electronics has integrated TAGARNO digital microscopes at their production facilities in both Denmark and China.

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