Modular microscopy: Upgrade ZAPs with new features

TAGARNO's new modular hardware system offers a sustainable solution when needs and processes change.

TAGARNO has just announced the launch of their new microscope called MOVE in August 2021. The product combines the flexible setup of the more simple ZAP model and the advanced features of the TREND and PRESTIGE models, including on-screen measurements apps, easy documentation capabilities, advanced camera and presets settings as well as unprecedented processing power.

Up until now, ZAP microscope users would have to purchase a new microscope and replace their otherwise perfectly good microscope if they wanted the advanced features of the TREND and PRESTIGE microscopes.

Now, TAGARNO, which recently launched a subsidiary in Atlanta, Georgia, has merged the two types of microscopes together, allowing companies to utilize the advanced features on a flex arm mounted microscope which is ideal for production installations with smaller work surface areas.


Modularity is nothing new

Modules create sustainable and future-proof microscopes

TAGARNO CEO Søren Schultz explains that the new microscope, which can either be purchased as a complete solution or as an upgrade kit for current ZAPs, is part of the company’s existing approach to modular and sustainable solutions.

“At TAGARNO, we’ve had a modular and flexible approach to microscopy since the launch of our new product generation in 2016. With our high end microscopes, we can add new features and apps to products long after they’ve been sold and have left our factory,” says Søren Schultz.

“For the customer, it means that their microscope keeps evolving as new technologies and features are made available, ensuring that new needs and demands in the production can be met. It also means that they don’t have to replace their equipment every few years.

Adding this modular and intelligent approach to our hardware is very much in line with our commitment to providing sustainable and future-proof solutions.”

TAGARNO MOVE, a new modular microscope system from TAGARNO



Microscope users define roadmap

As a well-established player in the microscope market, TAGARNO often receives inquiries about new applications from manufacturing companies and government organizations that want to use microscopes for new tasks and new materials. This can entail areas such as color control, size measurements, identifying impurities and overall quality control.

“It is in our DNA to innovate with our customers and ensure that our product development is in line with their processes and helps optimize quality control accuracy and efficiency. We develop apps and hardware that provide critical support to compensate when the human eye falls short. This product is no exception,” says Schultz.


Coming soon

Available from August 2021

Although not yet available, it's time to get excited about TAGARNO MOVE. The TAGARNO MOVE, which will be available as a complete microscope as well as an upgrade kit, is scheduled for global release in August 2021.

No matter the configuration, the TAGARNO MOVE brings new features to an otherwise simple microscope, providing customers with a sustainable and future proof solution.

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