TAGARNO Establishes a Subsidiary TAGARNO USA in Georgia

TAGARNO is establishing a subsidiary in Tucker, Georgia named TAGARNO USA, with a dedicated team to market, sell and service its unique digital products.

The company, which was founded 68 years ago in Denmark, has since 2013 operated via a local partner in the US, where agent Sam Armstrong has established TAGARNO USA as a premium brand. Now American buyers of microscopes will have direct access to the company’s innovative technology.

The move ensures a strong presence in a large and important market for TAGARNO, where its technology can enhance productivity and improve the working environment of many more users. TAGARNO hand-picked Jake Kurth, who has 11 years’ experience in the microscope industry, to lead the USA expansion.



“TAGARNO can make a truly meaningful impact on virtually any industry that has a need for magnified viewing,” says Jake Kurth. “These systems are fundamentally high-quality digital microscopes built around imaging, supported by TAGARNO’s serious focus on customer-driven applications and firmware/software updates.

The end result is a microscope system that is very good at what it does and provides unique tools to aid in our customers’ work. TAGARNO microscope systems come at a solid price point, provide a microscope system that evolves over time, and are uniquely in tune with customers’ needs at any scale. There are a lot of exciting updates coming and will continue to come. I am proud to play a part in the bright future of TAGARNO.”

Modules and apps create sustainable microscopes

The goal is to quadruple top-line growth by 2025 with a special focus on USA

With a unique focus on the new TAGARNO USA, we will launch a series of flexible, modular product innovations to both its hardware and software based on the principle of user-driven innovation.

“Digitalization has significantly expanded the potential areas where microscopes can be utilized. Laboratories and manufacturing companies can now optimize and automate many more forms of analytical tasks and quality control processes by using machine learning and AI. That is why we are building a scalable business to meet the expanding need for microscopes in an ever-widening range of industries and sectors,” said Betina Svendsen Ebdrup, TAGARNO CEO.

TAGARNO is a frontrunner in its market, where customers can now flexibly update their digital microscopes with modules and apps that add new functionality. Later in 2021, TAGARNO will launch a series of flexible, modular product innovations to both its hardware and software based on the principle of user-driven innovation.

“We have eliminated the concern that technology investments are not future-proof. The modular structure of our products means that they can be continuously updated both in terms of hardware and software, so customers won’t need to throw out their technology every few years. This supports our deep commitment to providing sustainable solutions,” said Betina Svendsen Ebdrup.

The USA microscope market has an estimated total value of $885.2 million in 2021 and is expected to grow to $1.16 billion in 2026, according to Optima Insights.


Microscope users define roadmap

As a well-established player in the microscope market, TAGARNO, and thereby TAGARNO USA, often receives inquiries about new applications from manufacturing companies, but also from public organizations that want to use microscopes for new tasks and new materials. This can entail areas such as color control, measurement sizes, identification of foreign bodies or impurities, precision and quality control.

“It is in our DNA to innovate with our customers and ensure that our product development aligns with the requirements and processes of microscope users. We develop apps and hardware that reinforce operators’ technical domain knowledge and experience, and provide critical support to compensate when the human eye falls short”, said Betina Svendsen Ebdrup.

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