Ole Lind Terkelsen joined the TAGARNO team as CEO this year and has launched an even stronger focus on creating premium customer experience.

TAGARNO has an increase of 10 new distributors year to date, a promising sales perspective and an extensive sales network of renowned distributors around the world and across several industries. The company will continue to enforce their presence in various market segments and secure additional distributors. The electronics industry being the company’s largest market, TAGARNO also has a strong focus on markets such as agriculture, foods and material science segments.

By expanding several departments, such as Sales, Marketing, R&D and Operations, and with a versatile and agile microscope and software apps portfolio, Ole Lind Terkelsen is sure that the company is fully equipped to further expand the business and take over more and more market shares in different markets.

Ole Lind Terkelsen has a Master of Science Econ. & Bus. Adm. from Danish Aarhus University and an extensive international management and market experience from Alfa Laval. By working in American, Asian and European countries for 27 years, his extensive background gives Ole Lind Terkelsen a solid understanding of globalizing high tech products.

It is important for TAGARNO to be close to the customers and understand their needs and challenges in order to create problem solving solutions that eases the everyday work life of the employees. Therefore, Ole and his staff are often visiting both distributors and end customers around the world and the insight that comes from these visits are priceless in the eyes of Ole Lind Terkelsen.

”We will continue to increase our focus on the development of user-friendly and agile digital microscopes and software apps and create the best possible user experience of our solutions,” says TAGARNO CEO Ole Lind Terkelsen

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