The Danish fund Insero Horsens Foundation has invested in TAGARNO, in order to realize the company´s international growth potential. Insero Horsens will henceforth own 90 % of the company and the new CEO will have a 10 % ownership.

“TAGARNO is an interesting company. Having existed for many years, they have developed a unique set of products and competences that creates substantial value for their customers. Through our investment, we wish to realise the full potential of the company”, explains Chairman of Insero Horsens, Ulrik Kragh.

TAGARNOs long-time owner and CEO Eli Tømmergaard is pleased with the investment and he is looking forward to passing on the company to Insero Horsens.

“I am proud of handing over my company to an investor, who not only believes in the business but also wants to develop it further with our skilled employees,” says Eli Tømmergaard. He continues as advisor and board member.

Together with a broad network of international and national added value resellers, TAGARNO will focus on increasing its efforts within product development and on optimising sales- and marketing activities. The new CEO Ole Lysgård Madsen will be responsible for the new initiatives.

TAGARNO has the potential to become an outstanding global player based on beautifully designed high-quality products, a greatly motivated and capable dealer network and a highly competent organization, which has a strong objective to create the future growth that the new ownership enables,” explains Ole Lysgård Madsen.

With the investment in TAGARNO, Insero Horsens is releasing an objective to invest in an established tech-company. Insero Horsens is rooted in the middle of Denmark and has an equity of 603 M. DKK. The foundation was established in 2008, and besides TAGARNO Insero Horsens has up until now invested in five Insero companies, nine start-ups and three innovation hubs.