New accessories for TAGARNO digital microscopes

We're happy to introduce two new accessories for your TAGARNO digital microscopes.

We’re happy to introduce two new accessories for your TAGARNO digital microscopes. The two new accessories come as an improvement to old models and are available to purchase from 25th of June 2019.


We now offer a new backlight with a bigger illuminated surface than the now discontinued backlight (art. no 108782). The new backlight has an illuminated area measuring 180x120mm, compared to 60x90mm on the previous backlight. The total product dimension of the product has therefore also increased compared to the old backlight (215x170mm compared to 103x127mm). The intensity of the light is 16,000 Lux.

Find more information about the new backlight in the Accessories page under the lighting category.

accessories backlight lens10

LENS +10 (PLAN – 1X)

The new lens +10 (plan – 1x) has a flatter field than the lens +10 currently offered by TAGARNO. This means, that the new lens +10 (plan – 1x) has less lens distortion. The diameter of the lens is 58 mm and the distance from the lens to object is 78 mm. Although we will start calibrating all microscopes to the new lens +10 (plan – 1x) from 25.06.2019, we will continue to also offer lens +10 (achromatic).

Tagarno accessory lens10
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