The unique design of the TAGARNO FRONT secures unprecendented stability, even at 660x magnification, and allows users to choose their own working depth.

We’re excited to introduce a new digital microscope that solves a very common problem for microscope operators: interference from nearby vibrations. Thanks to the unique design of the brand new FRONT, users will experience unprecedented camera stability despite someone walking by the microscope station or a neaby machine vibrating, even at 660x magnification.

FRONT of course comes with the familiar, state of the art software that includes on-screen measurements apps, easy documentation capabilities, advanced camera and presets settings, and combined with the new mechanical design, users now have the option of a high-quality digital microscope at an affordable price point that solves the very common issue of a shaky camera at high magnifications.

Man using a TAGARNO FRONT to inspect PCBs

Choose your own TAGARNO FRONT working depth

FRONT can also be assembled in two different ways to either increase or reduce working depth according to the size of samples and the workstation it’s being used on. Offering multiple setups to create as much flexibility as possible prevents you from having to purchase two separate microscopes and is a natural extension of our overall strategy of providing future-proof solutions that can be adapted to changing needs and processes.

TAGARNO FRONT with its two assembly options

Technical specifications

  • Magnification capabilities: 1.3x-660x magnification (on a 24” monitor)
  • Working height: 33.5 mm – 460 mm (1.32” – 18.11”)
  • Working depth: Max 275 mm (10.83”)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 515 mm x 280 mm x 430 mm (20.28” x 11.02” x 16.93”)
  • Weight: 7.3 kg / 16.1 lbs

Get your hands on a FRONT

FRONT is an excellent tool for visual inspection and quality control professionals. If you want to know more, please follow the link below and you'll be taken to the FRONT product page.

Learn more about FRONT
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