Screenshot from interview with Jake Kurth by Keith Bryant from Global SMT at IPC APEX EXPO in Anaheim, California, 2024


Global SMT: Introducing T50 and the importance of generic drivers

In this exclusive interview, Jake Kurth from TAGARNO discusses the cutting-edge features of the upcoming T50 digital microscope and how generic drivers make image capture and system integration easier than ever.


During the recent IPC APEX EXPO, the premier North American event in the electronics manufacturing sector, Jake Kurth, Country Manager at TAGARNO USA Inc, was interviewed by Keith Bryant for the Global SMT TV Youtube channel.

The interview centered on the transformative impact of digital microscopy in the electronics industry, spotlighting the capabilities of TAGARNO’s newest innovation, the T50 digital microscope, which features advanced 4K/60FPS technology.

Kurth also highlighted the advantages of choosing a digital microscope with generic drivers when it comes to image capture and integration with CFX and management information systems.

“We also output signal via USB 3.0 with generic camera drivers. So pretty much any laptop, any computer, any software – whether that’s an ERP, an AI training program – can just use that video feed without a software development kit. So it makes documentation for any program very easy with our system. We also have engineers using it on Teams calls across the world. A picture’s worth a thousand words and video is worth a million. But having a direct call where you can show defects in real time. It’s all thanks to those generic drivers.”

You can see the full interview above or click here to learn more about the benefits of digital microscopes within the electronics industry.

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