Firmware Update - Version 4.0 is now available for your digital microscope

The new Firmware Version 4.0 is now ready for download. Check out the last updates for your digital microscope.

Firmware Version 4.0 contains a range of changes to TAGARNO Measurement App and Image Comparison App as well as General change to all apps in order to avoid mistakes such as deleting a template unintentionally.


Measurement annotations are now kept when a calibration is selected and all measured values are recalculated based on the selected calibration. Also when you entering/ leaving Lens correction mode, measurement annotations are also kept and recalculated.


When a template is created it is now possible to select a region of interest. In order to use this new feature you have to press Shift + C. Any area outside the region of interest will be grayed out. When you want to compare a reference PCB with a sample PCB typically placed at different location in a panel this feature is useful in order to optimize the image comparison. Watch this video with the cropping feature to see a demonstration of how it works.


We want to make things easier for our customers therefore we created a confirmation dialogue that will now appear during deletion because we want to avoid accidents such as deleting a template. For the same reason, you are now prompted to prevent overwriting existing files unintentionally when saving.

Read all the changes and corrections in the firmware log and download the latest version here. Also remember that TAGARNO release new firmware version every quarter at the end.

For additional information check out our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Tagarno Firmware update
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