Firmware Update - Version 4.50

Firmware Version 4.50 is launched today the 1st of November 2019. The firmware contains updates to TAGARNO apps

Firmware Version 4.50 is launched today the 1st of November 2019. The firmware contains updates to TAGARNO apps which will improve the accuracy and efficiency of the apps as well as the overall user experience. Read more about the new features below.


Ruler calibration

With a deviation of only 0.5%, the Ruler app is ideal for performing quick and precise measurements. However, with two lenses +10 (achromatic and Plan 1x) with similar magnification range in our product portfolio, it is important that the microscope is calibrated to the mounted lens. Otherwise, the deviation can increase to 4.0 %.

A calibration must be made if the factory calibration does not match the lens you want to use (see how to identify which lens the microscope is calibrated to below). Moreover, a calibration must be made if you switch between types of lenses +10.

A Ruler calibration can be performed with lenses +3, +4, +5, +10 (Opteka) and +10 (Plan – 1x).
Make sure that you use the calibration ruler matching the mounted lens. The printable rulers can be accessed via the links below.

Download printable rulers for +3 lens

Download printable rulers for +4, +5, +10(achromatic),+10 (Plan 1X)


To see which lens +10 the microscope was factory calibrated to, go to Close up lens in the microscoe Camera settings. Check if you can choose +10 or 1x:

  • +10: Means that the microscope was factory calibrated to art. no 109080 (achromatic)
  • 1x: Means that the microscope was factory calibrated to art. no. 109130 (Plan 1x)

    Alternatively, check the microscope production date in the System information:

  • Microscope produced prior to June 25, 2019 has been calibrated to
    art. no 109080 (achromatic)
  • Microscopes produced between June 26 and October 31, 2019 been calibrated to
    art. no. 109130 (Plan 1x)
    As of November 1 2019, all microscopes will be calibrated to art. no 109080 (achromatic)

Changes to TMA

  • Measure distance between circle centers: You can now easily measure the distance between the center of two measured circles to verify the distance between them during exit control. Hold down CTRL when placing the start and end points of the Point-to-Point and Polyline tool to make them snap to the center of a measured circle
  • How to display length annotations: In Settings, you can now select how length annotations are displayed. Check All text horizontal to have the text displayed horizontally on the monitor. When unchecked (default), the text will be parallel to the line (default). All previous length annotations will change to the selected setting
  • Diameter measurement: In the Diameter measurement tool, a center cross has been added to the annotation

Corrections: Previously, the arrow heads of very short lines (less than 14 pixels) would overlap. This has now been fixed by dynamically scaling down the arrow heads on short lines

Image comparison: Change the display speed of images
Previously, the reference image and captured sample image would automatically switch in 1 second intervals when using the Compare images feature in Image comparison. This interval can now be customized to suit the operator’s preferences and the product that is being the inspected. Open the app settings and select Slow to display each image for 1.5 second or Fast to display each image for 0.3 seconds

Watermark: Format USB memory stick in app
With Watermark, a user can import a customized watermark to the microscope via a FAT32 formatted USB memory stick. The watermark will then be added to all captured images. However, if the USB memory is not formatted correctly, it can now be formatted directly in the Watermark app. Previously, the user had to exit the app and format it via the microscope info menu.

Formatting the USB memory stick will delete the file from the USB memory stick and the watermark must be added to the USB memory stick again after formatting.

Changes to DXF Overlay
With the previous firmware, we introduced DXF Overlay, an app that allows you to improve test work flows and easily identify miniature PCB components. With this new firmware, the app contains even more efficient and userfriendly features:

  • Colors: If needed, you can create DXF files with more than one color. The colors can be used to group the different information on the file or as verification lines. With the new firmware, you can either choose to display the color(s) defined in the DXF file or override them with a color from the app menu
  • More than one search word: To search for more than one component in the initial version of DXF Overlay, you had to write only part of the component name and add an asterix, e.g: C5*. All component names starting with C5 would then appear in the search result. But now, you can search for vastly different component name simultaneously. Simply separate the search words with a semi-colon, e.g.: C53;Q1.
  • Navigation support: Navigation support has been added to the app. This is useful if a search result is located outside the current field of view. The navigation support will then assist the user in moving the inspected object to match the overlay (note the red arrow on the image above indicating that the PCB should be moved upwards and to the right to be aligned with the overlay). When this feature is enabled, click “Find” to search for a specific component. Then, click the toggle arrow to display the nagivation support arrow. Move the object to match the overlay and click the toggle arrow again to remove the support arrow.

Corrections: Before, text alignment and some letters with diacritics were not displayed correctly. This has been fixed

Tagarno Firmware update
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