Eliminate reflections and shadows

Working conditions vary. Perhaps you're sitting in a dark room and need a light source to properly see your object.

But the light source can also cause reflections and shadows that interfere with quality control. Luckily, eliminating these distractions are quite simple. Here is how it is done.

Eliminate reflections

If you’re working with a reflective surface or an object that is covered in liquid residue, an added light source might causes reflections. Let’s say you’re working with a PCB. The light source can cause reflections on smooth surfaces of the board, interfering with the image quality. In this case, a polarizer set will filter out the light causing reflections and will leave you with a much crisper image to work with and store for documentation purposes.

Another application for the polarizer set is if you’re working with seeds. More specifically seeds that have been covered in a liquid. Using a polarizer set will allow you to eliminate reflections created by the the liquid still covering the seeds.

Avoid shadows

Adding an overhead light source can also cause shadows on your working area, making it difficult to see the outline of an object properly. To elimate shadows, place the object on a glass table. This will eliminate shadows, making it much easier for you to see the outline of your object and create great documentation material for customers and supply chain partners.

Digital microscope inspecting seeds with a polarizer and an backlight.

Object on glass table and object on regular work surface.

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One final tip before you go

If you’ve already added a white ringlight to your microscope, but the light isn’t focused where you need it, or maybe the point light is too sharp, then try a fresnel lens or diffuser.


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