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Saving images on a digital microscope

With a TAGARNO digital microscope, you can save images of your work for future use or to be shared with your colleagues.

In the section below, we will detail the multiple options of saving an image with a digital microscope and will provide screenshots to illustrate where the function can be accessed and how it works. The screenshots were taken on a TAGARNO TREND but the same menu and options are available on the TAGARNO PRESTIGE.

The image can be captured by simply pressing the picture button in the top right corner on the control box. You can also save images directly in some of the digital inspection microscope apps.



When taking a picture with the microscope, you can either save it on the internal storage or on a USB storage that you have to insert at the back of your microscope.


Internal storage

Choosing to save an image on the internal storage means that you store the image documentation on the drive of the microscope, which has the maximum capacity of 3 GB. After you save an image, you can easily access it via LAN connection.

In order to save the images this way, you have to enable File Share mode in the General settings (see below). This enables saving the images on the internal storage which you can later access from any computer that is connected in LAN to the microscope.

Share mode options menu with a digital microscope

Note that the image cannot be accessed by connecting a computer to the microscope.


USB storage

Another option for saving images with a TAGARNO digital microscope is on a USB memory stick. By adding a USB drive to the back of the microscope in one of the USB ports available, you can store the documentation on the device. That will allow you to transfer the saved images to any computer or device that supports USB stick, allowing you to easily share the documentation with your stakeholders.


Another functionality of digital microscopes from TAGARNO is to save the images with graphics or without graphics on either the internal storage or USB.

With graphics

Capturing an image with graphics can be performed by pressing for 3 seconds on the picture button on the control box illustrated previously. Saving an image with graphics means that all the modifications you made to the picture will be saved as an image. With different TAGARNO microscope applications you can use different tools that aplies graphics on the image, like verification lines, ruler and different measurements which you can then save them as your documentation. In the image below you can see different images that contains graphics.

Without graphics

If you want to save the original picture without any modifications/ graphics, you have that option with a simple short click of the picture button in the top right corner on the XPLUS CONTROL BOX. This can be done regardless of the graphics that you have on the picture, allowing you to easily document the before and after with one press of a button.

To distinguish the two images, the visual inspection microscope will automatically add “graphics” to the name of the file if the picture is taken with graphics.

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In order to choose if you want to save the image with a preview or not, you will have to go to Camera settings menu and then enable or disable the image preview as it is shown in the picture below.

Digital microscope menu for saving images with a preview


With preview

When choosing to save a picture with preview, a small preview will appear in front of the picture allowing you to see the final result. This can help you detect any issues to the picture and easily retake another one if needed.

Example of image preview option on a digital microscope


Without preview

If Preview is disabled, no image preview will be displayed when capturing an image.



With TAGARNO digital microscopes, you can save your documentation in multiple formats: JPG, PNG, BMP and TIFF. In the general settings, you can select the default file format you want all images to be saved as. The format will automatically be applied to any future image that you capture. In case you want to save an image in a different format than the default one, you can do that by simply renaming the ending of the file format with the one of the four available ones (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF).



By default, the microscope will save the images in the format “IMG_YYYMMDD_hhmmss”, refering to the date of taking the picture illustrated in year, month and day followed by the exact time down to the seconds. By enabling Assign image name in the Camera seeing of the microscope, a pop-up menu will appear when capturing a picture. This allows you to rename the image by typing a new image name or using a barcode scanner before saving it to your preferred destination.



What is more, if you want your image to have a certain prefix (the first part of the image name), simply go to Camera settings and select Image prefix. Type in your new image prefix (e.g. product or operator name) to easily track different image documentation that you are working on.


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