How to use

Watch this video for an in-depth introduction to the Measurement app.


Unsure how you calibrate the app? Watch this video for a walkthrough of this crucial process.

Measurement tools

In this video, we'll go through the individual measurement tools in the Measurement app.

Highlight interesting areas with text

Find anything worth highlighting? Add an annotation. The annotation will be saved as metadata and can be used to find issue patterns.

Increase visibility of your measurements and annotations

Change the color and size of your font to make it stand out against your sample.

Customize settings

Avoid lens curve distortion or take a stillshot of your sample while working on it. In this video, we'll also show you how to adjust mouse sensitivity, decimal display and placement of text.

Save images and reuse measurements

It's not only possible to save images of your work. It's also possible to save your measurements as overlays that can be recalled for future samples.