Jake Kurth from TAGARNO being interviewed by Justin Worden from What's new in Electronics while both of them are sitting down


WNIE interview: Talking digital microscopes and T50 at IPC APEX EXPO 2024

Jake Kurth from TAGARNO recently spoke to What's new in Electronics on the benefits of using digital microscopes in the electronics industry and the newest technology within digital microscopy.


During IPC APEX EXPO, the largest North American tradeshow in the electronics industry, Jake Kurth, Country Manager at TAGARNO, spoke to Justin Worden from What’s new in Electronics about the benefits of using a digital microscope in the electronics industry and how the new  T50 with 4K/60FPS enables professionals to work faster and smarter.

During the interview, Kurth not only introduces the new T50, but also speaks in more general terms on how to use digital microscopes in the electronics industry to save time and work smarter.

“One of the big things that all of our microscope do, whether it’s the new microscope or a traditional scope, is that it takes all those little adjustments an operator has to do and it does all of that for them. Now it’s just 4K at 60FPS so you get lot more detail, lot more resolution. So it’s a faster and better microscope.”

Kurth also explains that despite the fact that T50 comes with automatic height adjustment and other features that might seem too advanced for smaller companies, digital microscopes can be used by companies of all sizes.

“The beautiful thing is wherever you use a traditional stereo microscope, our products can just fit right in. It has auto focus. You can just place a part underneath it, whatever it is. Electronics board, bar board, SMT, just components, and it hits on it, focuses on it and you can just manipulate it. So the microscope actually does all the microscope work for the customer and so we see it inline, offline. Pretty much everywhere.”

You can see the full interview above or click here to learn more about the benefits of digital microscopes within the electronics industry.

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