Using Glare removal feature on digital microscope to inspect PCBs


Introducing new Glare removal feature

The new Glare removal feature helps microscope operators take glare free images of magnified samples with just the press of a button. Time to let the operator shine, not the object!

Glare in microscopy can be a major problem for image quality. Glare most often occurs due to direction reflections from a reflective material to the microscope and can dramatically reduce image quality with a significant loss of detail. To address this issue, anti-reflective coatings, coaxial illuminators, polarizers, and gooseneck or oblique illuminators are traditional measures to help minimize reflections and reduce unwanted glare, resulting in clearer and more accurate microscopic images.

Introducing Glare removal

Now TAGARNO has introduced another method of glare removal via a firmware patch for our existing smart microscopes and ring lights. TAGARNO’s Glare removal is a new feature that helps the operator take glare-free images with just the press of a button – It’s as easy as that!

With intelligent control of the ring light, this new software functionality removes specular reflections by imaging and then analyzing the sample multiple times from several lighting angles to automatically provide a well illuminated glare-free image.

To capture a glare-free image, just choose the setting and press the Snapshot key on the control box.

It’s time for the operator to shine – not the object!

See Glare removal in action

Click through the images below to see a magnified PCB with and without the Glare removal feature activated.

The first photo is without the Glare removal feature and the second is with the Glare removal feature. The difference is quite remarkable, right?

Magnified PCB without Glare removal feature
Magnified PCB with Glare removal feature
Without Glare removal feature

How to use Glare removal

Below is a short video explaining how the Glare removal feature work.

  • Connect the TAGARNO Ring light to your TAGARNO microscope via USB
  • Activate the feature in the microscope settings
  • Perform a white balance calibration
  • Press the Snapshot button

The microscope will then capture and combine a series of individually lit images, to create one glare free image. The glare free image is perfect for documentation purposes and can easily be forwarded to colleagues or business partners when accessed on a computer.

Start using Glare removal

Glare removal is an included feature for the firmware compatible microscopes MOVE, FRONT, TREND and PRESTIGE. If you have one of these microscopes already, all you need to do is update to the latest firmware and you’re ready to go.

Why use a digital microscope?

If you don’t have a digital microscope yet, you can learn more about the benefits of a digital microscope in our “What is a digital microscope” guide.

We also recommend the “What’s the best microscope for electronics repair” if you want to know more about how to use a digital microscope within the Electronics industry specifically.

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