Firmware Update - Version 4.3

The new Firmware Version 4.3 is now available for download.

The new Firmware Version 4.3 is now available for download. This firmware update comes with a new 30-day trial license feature, enables user restrictions and much more.


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With this new firmware version, it is now possible to try TAGARNO applications for free for 30 days. All applications requiring a commercial license can now be tested by customers using a free 30-day trial license. To activate any of the applications, just select any unlicensed application in the application menu. If you want to check the status of your Trial license, you can do that by simply accessing System information. Here, you will see one of three options: “Available” (Trial feature has not been activated yet), “Remaining time” (Stating the amount of time left of the trial) or “Expired” (The trial has expired. Contact your distributor if you want to purchase full access to an application).


Preset 1 to 6 can now be accessed using key 1 to 6 on an attached numerical USB keyboard or regular keyboard. This allows for fast and easy access to presets. This feature also allows for effortless user restriction in applications where operators are not allowed to modify the configuration of the microscope. When the required presets have been configured, simply attach a numerical USB keyboard and remove the XPLUS control box.


  • The Image analysis/Speck counter application has been improved to display L, a*, b* values for the analyzed flour sample
  • A new option has been added to the Camera menu called Assign image name. When this setting is active, the microscope will prompt for an image name before storing a captured image
  • In System information, a letter A, B or C has been added in the Hardware revision to identify the revision of the embedded SD card, serving as the internal storage of the microscope
    -A- Initial type, used at first customer shipment from June 2016
    -B- In mid-2017, a high capacity brand was introduced. Unfortunately, these cards deteriorate over time and can exhibit read/write errors causing malfunction of the microscope
    -C- Current industrial type, introduced November 2017
  • The frame rate of the camera has been changed to match the selected video format. For historical reasons, the camera would run at 59.94 FPS when selecting 1080p60 and 29.97 FPS when selecting 1080p30. The difference in frame rate resulted in a frame being dropped periodically. Dropped frames become noticeable when inspecting slowly moving objects. Now, the frame rate of the camera matches the selected video format


Removing a USB storage device while in use by the system could prevent usage of an attached USB storage device later on. Now, the system will detect this issue and re-initialize the USB storage device driver to maintain its functionality.


Read all the changes and corrections in the firmware log and download the Firmware Version 4.3 here. Also, remember that TAGARNO releases a new firmware version at the end of every quarter.

For additional information, check out our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Tagarno Firmware update
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