Activate new features and apps on ZAPs with MOVE Upgrade kit

Activate a variety of advanced features and apps to make the most out of your microscope with an Upgrade kit.

Instead of replacing your perfectly good microscope if you want to run apps and have easier documentation capabilities on your microscope, TAGARNO now offers the option to activate advanced features and unprecedented processing power on existing ZAP microscopes.

Until now, these features were only available on our TREND and PRESTIGE models, meaning that you would have to purchase a new microscope to gain access to these features.

The flexibility of the ZAP, however, allows you to work with larger items or install the microscope on a production line. With that in mind, we’ve now launched an upgrade kit that allows you to combine the benefits of the ZAP as it is with a variety of advanced features. This unique setup will create new quality control processes that will help maximize your efficiency and increase the quality of your documentation material – all without purchasing a new microscope.

BB Electronics using a TAGARNO TREND digital microscope camera with USB and HDMI

TAGARNO has enabled us to work smarter

After using stereo microscopes and magnifying lamps in the past, full-service EMS provider BB Electronics wanted a more contemporary solution, that could help them save and share high quality documentation with customers when performing visual inspection of production line circuit board samples. After testing a wide range of digital microscopes, they chose TAGARNO due to the userfriendly design that makes the microscope easy to operate for all users.

Get access to new features again and again

With a MOVE Upgrade kit, you’ll immediately get access to new features. But there’s more.

Several times a year, TAGARNO releases firmware updates with new features based on the latest technology and input from our customers. The firmwares ensure that your microscope keeps evolving, even long after it has left our factory.


Instead of purchasing new equipment as technology evolves and quality control processes change, you’ll get access to new features as they are developed, making sure you get the most out of your microscope.

NB: Different upgrade processes are needed depending on your ZAP version. You can read more about that in this brochure.


Here's what you'll get

  • Access to specialized TAGARNO apps that will help increase efficiency and accuracy, e.g. Ruler app, Measurement app, Focus stacking and Image comparison
  • On-screen scale bar that indicates the size of the inspected object to quickly verify your sample
  • The ability to take photos with a press of button, increasing operator efficiency and quality of your documentation material
  • More presets to ensure consistency across inspections and increased efficiency by eliminating manual adjustment of the microscope settings
  • Metadata on images to increase quality of documentation material
  • Access to all photos directly on the microscope via File manager, USB memory stick og internal storage which can be accessed when the microscope in connected to a network
  • Unprecedented processing power for faster processes and increased efficiency
  • A sustainable alternative to replacing a perfectly good microscope by activating new features on an existing microscope

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