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The agile and personal
digital microscope

The TAGARNO PRESTIGE digital microscope is not just advanced technology. It is also personal technology at your service. A smart microscope that is intuitive, agile, and customizable. Tailor it to fit your needs perfectly.

FHD Prestige

Beautiful outside,
smart inside

The TAGARNO PRESTIGE digital microscope produces crystal-clear magnified images that are perfect as indisputable documentation material. Images can rapidly be shared with colleagues and partners. High-quality materials and surface treatments ensure a long product life with no maintenance required.

  • Hardware details
  • All-in-one solution
Features Hardware details

All TAGARNO microscopes are tested and created from high quality materials and surface treatments, creating long-lasting solutions.

Being designed, developed and produced in Denmark, we always strive to deliver the highest quality solution to guarantee our customers' full satisfaction.

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Features All-in-one solutions

The TAGARNO PRESTIGE has a built-in computer. That means no additional computer is needed to use the many features of the microscope.

Simply attach a monitor and the control box and you're good to go.

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Tech specs

Take a
closer look

Optical zoom, high frame rates, and 1080p image quality. The TAGARNO PRESTIGE digital microscope is born powerful and will only improve with age as we provide new features and firmware updates.

Magnification levels

1.7x - 660x on a 24" monitor

Frame rates

60fps for fluent motion on screen,
50+30+25fps is also frame rate options

Image quality

FULL HD / 1080p image quality

Field of view

Min. 0.80 mm / 0.03''
Max. 290 mm / 11.42’’

Lens to object distance

Min. 33.5mm / 1.3”
Max 250mm / 9.84”

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30 ×
Optical zoom
60 FPS
High frame rates
150 MM
Working depth
660 ×
Magnification level

Make it personal
and see smarter

Customize the digital microscope microscope with powerful and specialized apps. Optimize processes for your specific tasks. Maximize efficiency, enhance quality of work, and make routines faster.

See applications
Woman inspecting plastic with microscope

With our TAGARNOs, we can perform more inspections every day

A prominent MedTech company in Germany and Switzerland wanted a digital microscope to reduce preparation time between inspections and create consistency across all inspections. See how TAGARNO optimized their workflows.

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By booking an online demo, you are able to take a look and get the feel of our digital microscopes Seeing the microscope interface and having a walk-through of the features, will give a great idea whether this is a solution for you. Our global distributor network is ready to listen and show what ever you wish on the microscope.

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to do no harm

Four out of five ordinary microscope operators suffer from musculoskeletal pain. But with TAGARNO PRESTIGE, you work with technology designed for humans. Developed in close cooperation with ergonomics specialists, the TAGARNO PRESTIGE improves workplace ergonomics, with correct working postures and optimal conditions for eyes, neck and back.

More about Ergonomics

Benefits of a digital microscope

Good for business, good for people

  • Optimize your processes Leaner workflow, save time, increase profit margins
  • Cost effective, all-in-one solution Everything is built-in, no extra equipment needed
  • A good investment A long lasting product with no maintenance required
  • User friendly, it’s plug & play Requires minimum training for new operators
  • Ergonomics, health benefits Working postures adjustable to operators needs
  • Multiviewer collaboration External display, several viewers simultaneously

Continuous Updates

Improve your quality control by continuously adding new technology to your digital microscope With the new agile digital microscopes from TAGARNO, you quickly and easily gain access to the latest technology without having to invest in new microscopes all the time.

You only have to invest in your preferred selection of add on features to update your microscope and you are all set! That way, you always have a digital microscope with the most current and relevant features available and you are thereby always able to alter the system to assist you in your quality work.

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comes in Black
and also in White.


comes in Black
and also in White.

available options

Choose a solution
that suits your needs

  • PRESTIGE digital microscope
  • Watermark app
  • Focus stacking app
  • Ruler app
  • XPLUS control box
  • Lens +4
  • Lens +10
  • Magnetic lens ring kit
  • Ring light white
  • Optical diffusor filter
  • Fresnel lens 100mm
  • Polarizer set

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    About Tagarno

    A powerful tool for demanding professionals

    Improve your quality control by continuously adding new technology to your digital microscope TAGARNO PRESTIGE is a powerful tool for demanding professionals in need of a documentation microscope, precision microscope, or automation microscope. TAGARNO delivers intelligent and smart digital microscopes – also known as a computer microscope or digital camera microscope – for demanding specialists in fields such as materials science, agriculture, food, and electronics.

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