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Optimizing business

A digital microscope is more than just magnification. It's a powerful tool to optimize quality control processes and businesses.

There's many benefits from going digital. Just ask our customers.

ALL CIRCUITS, the only subcontractor in France providing high volume PCB manufacture, needed higher magnification and replaced their desk magnifiers with TAGARNO microscopes. All because of the user friendly and comfortable design. And it shows. After upgrading to a digital microscope, the overall work force efficiency has increased!

At Nordic Seed, a Danish seed company, the live display image of the microscope camera makes it easy to perform quality control. The ergonomically correct setup of the microscope has also reduced the number of sick leave days among the staff.

Lastly, a leading medical device manufacturer uses their 20+ microscopes to create consistency across all inspections and reduce preparation time of each sample.

It's the high image quality of the microscope, their user friendly design and the wide range of apps that create these results across industries.

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