Operator controlling their TAGARNO digital microscope with a footswitch


A hands-free microscope? Yes, it's possible.

To improve microscope ergonomics, use a footswitch to control the microscope with your feet rather than your hands.

It’s not uncommon for microscope operators to experience job-related pain from working with a microscope. To attract and keep employees, creating a comfortable setup that focuses on microscope ergonomics should be of utmost importance for employers.

There’s many way to do this, but a perhaps overlooked opportunity is using a footswitch.

Microscope operator using a footswitch to improve microscope ergonomics

Using a footswitch to improve ergonomics and productivity

With a footswitch, you can adjust the focus of the microscope or change magnification levels with your feet while keeping your hands on the sample itself. This will allow your lower arms to rest comfortably on the table rather than moving your hands and arms to and from the control box when adjusting the microscope.

Studies show that introducing simple ergonomic intervention methods like these can reduce job-related pain and extremity fatigue. This will in turn create more productive employees and can ultimately mean significant customer claims reductions.

Putting your feet to work also makes it easy to inspect a sample from all necessary angles without having to put it down. The footswitch, when paired with our advanced autofocus, thus allows for effortless rapid inspection without ever needing to take your hands off the sample – all while creating a comfortable and efficient setup.

The footswitch is compatible with all TAGARNO digital microscopes.

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