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The best live image with auto focus and 60FPS

All digital microscopes from TAGARNO has auto focus and a frame rate of 60 frames per second (FPS) on live images and provides twice the amount of images and information in the same time period as a microscope with 30FPS.

Why 60 frames per second is important
For live, visual, inspections commonly used in everything from PCB manufacturing to seed analysis, finding a digital microscope with 60FPS means the difference between merely statically seeing and comprehensively detecting crucial details in their samples as the samples are manipulated.

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"I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with its capabilities and functionalities of the TAGARNO microscope."

M.Eng. Basel Adams

Research assistant and Project Manager,
Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM

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Digital microscopes are used for many processes within seed testing and analysis.

The digital microscopes are also great training and consulting tools thanks to the monitor display.

Magnified PCB with a digital microscope

The high frame rate of digital microscopes make them great tools for reworking and soldering faulty PCBs.

Digital microscopes are also often used for First article inspection and documenting your findings.

Magnified photo of a metal piece with a digital microscope

With auto focus and a variety of lighting options, it's easy to find and document chips and cracks on metal parts.

You can also use various accessories to twist and turn your samples to view them from multiple angles.

Magnified cartridge with a digital microscope

Digital microscopes are used for a wide variety of forensic microscopy applications and have thanks to their high magnification range, 60 frames per second image quality and more replaced traditional systems typically used for various tasks.

Help! How do I choose the right microscope for my needs?


Don't worry, we have just the tool to help you: The TAGARNO configurator.

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