Operators from DLF analyze seed and grain using a digital camera microscope

DLF Seeds & Science

DLF is setting new standards with smarter seed analyses

DLF has since 2013 been using camera microscopes to perform analysis and testing of grass and beet seed in their lab work.

Intuitive and effective

Updated methods in grass seed analysis

DLF has since 2013 been using camera microscopes to perform purity analysis, variety identification and germination capacity testing of grass and beet seed in their lab work.

With their competitors still using stereo microscopes or simply loup lamps, DLF has the upper hand on seed analysis due to the many advantages of the digital equipment.

Seeing advantages such as standardizing and streamlining analyses is enabling DLF to highly advance their quality level. Benefits which are made possible by a smart and intuitive software, making it simple to recall settings, measure or compare samples and create adequate documentation.

See the camera microscope DLF is using

Laboratory technician analyzing grass seeds using a digital camera microscope
Sharing results and advancing quality
Our most experienced technicians also switched to TAGARNO when they realized the ease of use and benefits of analyzing the
magnified seeds displayed on a screen.

Being able to digitally document and share the results of the analysis both live and via images are also some of the many benefits are experiencing from switching to a TAGARNO microscope, Dot Vittrup, Head of Quality Management at DLF explains.

When in doubt, they now have a chance to share the live view of the sample directly from the microscope.

This makes it possible for colleagues, customers or suppliers located on the other side of the world to equally analyze and discuss the magnified seed sample.

Promote collaboration and customization

Customizing and collaboration

Enable lab technicians to discuss and analyze together.

Furthermore, by applying camera lenses and external lighting, the labs have created their own unique settings, which synergizes with their surroundings and preferences. This allows for the best analysis work and results.

Discover camera microscopes for seed purity analysis
Lab technician pointing at seeds on screen displayed with a camera microscope
Analyzing grass seed screen digital camera microscope Tagarno

Our technicians can see every detail of the seeds clearly and easily analyze the results

Fluent workflows

Difficult tasks are made clearer

Especially varieties such as meadow grass can be difficult to determine during variety identification analyses, according to Susanne Andersen, Laboratory Manager at DLF in Roskilde, Denmark That´s why their TAGARNO camera microscopes come in handy, making it possible for the technicians to see every detail of the seeds clearly as well as being able to easily discuss results.

Especially when it comes to training and educating new technicians both face to face and remote, the microscopes come in handy.

Lab technicians analyzing seed quality on screen with camera microscoscope
Another shift in analysis quality level
Switching to digital microscopes has
made a huge difference

At DLF in Randers, Denmark, they are currently working with 8 TAGARNO microscopes. This has according to Birthe Krogh, Laboratory Manager at the site, made a huge difference in their analysis work.

Along the way, the labs have replaced their first generation of high definition camera microscopes with 1080i camera microscopes.

Now, Monika who is one of the laboratory technicians and a TAGARNO super user is responsible of performing online firmware updates. This provides DLF with new ways to improve their analysis performance and quality along the way. It also prevents DLF from worrying about investing in new equipment anytime soon.

About DLF Seeds & Science

DLF is the global market leader in the grass seed industry with 2000 employees in more than 20 countries. The company has a worldwide breeding network as well as production and sales of forage and turf seed to more than 100 countries worldwide. Owned by 2.500 Danish farmers. The DLF group has a revenue of 1 billion Euro.

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