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Remote online inspection

Share microscope feed in videos calls for remote visual inspection

Share analysis findings live and look at samples together with remote colleagues in online meetings.

Life before remote visual inspection

Imagine that you are working in a large company with production facilities and headquarter located in different cities,  or maybe even different countries.

A problem has occurred during production or laboratory work and you have an online meeting with the responsible manager at the site to find a solution.

The manager has sent 3 photos before the meeting to give you an idea of the issue.

But even as he explains it, you’re not getting the full picture and you need more information.

You can’t help but wish he’d taken more photos before the meeting or that you could inspect the sample yourself.



Host online meeting with video inspection microscope 

Instead of waiting for more photos or the actual sample to arrive at your address, you continue the meeting.

But your colleague has a trick up his sleeve.

He simply connects the microscope to a computer and shares the microscope interface and live image with everyone in the meeting.

As he continues to explain, he’s twisting and turning the sample, showing you exactly what the problem is – LIVE!



Benefits of using a microscope during online meetings

  • Same level of information is available to everyone in the meeting, not just the person with the sample at hand
  • Samples don't have to be sent back and forth between adresses
  • Meetings can be held immediately after a problem occurs instead of waiting for calendars to match up for a physical meeting
  • The meeting can be screenshot or recorded to document the results and what has been agreed upon
  • Transportation time before and after a meeting is eliminated by not having the meeting physically, making online meetings a more efficient alternative



Create better foundation for problem solving with a digital microscope

Back to your meeting…

Now that you’re doing a live inspection together, it’s easy to see the issue that your colleague was previously trying to explain.

By better understanding the issue, you’re also able to find a suitable solution together.

Imagine what happens next time when your colleague starts the meeting with the microscope turned on.. You can get right to the chase, solve what needs to be done and get back to work.

This way, you’re reducing the risk of misunderstandings and you’re making it easier to make the right decision.

Ultimately, you’re creating better workflows and improving the efficiency of your business.



Other ways to use a microscope with a computer 

The online meeting option isn’t the only benefit from connecting a microscope to a computer.

If you’re taking a lot of photos of your inspections, it’s possible to control where the photos are saved. Normally, the photos will be stored on a USB memory stick or the internal storage of the microscope. If you want the photos stored anywhere else, you’d have to manually move them there.

But with the Computer view feature, you can do this much smarter. Contact us to learn more about this feature.



How Computer view works

  • Connect the microscope and computer with a USB 3.0 cable
  • Activate Computer view feature in the microscope camera menu
  • Choose your preferred online meeting platform and share your screen
  • If needed, go back and change between "View all" and "Camera only" in the Computer view toggle menu. With "View all", the entire microscope interface will be visible to all meeting participants, including menus and apps, while "Camera only" only displays the camera feed

Get started with a digital microscope

Not sure which microscope you need? TAGARNO's digital microscopes can magnify from 4x-660x and can be used in variety of industries.

What microscope you need will depend on your industry, if you want to use specialized apps to optimize your processes and if you need to document your work.

Find the right microscope for your busines
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